How To “Revive” Towels With a Simple Washing Trick

Sometimes I get too excited when I’m buying a new towel.

Every time I’m in the bathroom washing my face or hands, I can’t wait to touch that soft and pleasant cloth.

My husband says that I’m going crazy, but I know I feel great about it.

After a while, that towel loses its softness and turns into a towel that scrubs your face. It seems like you are using some grumpy material.

Buying an expensive bathroom towel won’t do the trick. They all have the ability to lose their softness.

Maybe I have something that will help you go through this process.

Instead buying new towels every month, the washing trick I’m about to show you now will bring their sexy back.

The first step is not to put too much cloth or towels in the machine because they can’t wash well.

When you put your towels into your washing machine, add a half-cup of vinegar. This addition will bring your towels their softness.

Plus, it will clean up your machine and kill unwanted smells while doing that.

After the vinegar washing cycle, start the machine again, but this time, wash them only with water.

Aaaand you are done.

I still haven’t tried this trick, but as soon as my towels start feeling old, I will!


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