Backyard Transformation: 5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Backyard

Your backyard should be a sanctuary. You should feel comfortable retreating to your yard after a long, hard day to relax and unwind. If your space is causing more stress than it is relieving, it’s time to make a change.

Keep reading our backyard transformation guide to help you create a space you’re proud of.

1. Remove Old or Worn Out Structures

Take a look at your backyard as it is right now. Are there any worn-out structures that once served a purpose but now act only as an eyesore? Is that old shed you once used for your tools now a spider’s paradise since you put in a new outbuilding last year?

What about your fencing? Is it leaning over or sporting new holes every week?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it’s time to something about it. One of our most dramatic backyard makeover tips is to get rid of the old to make way for the new. You will be shocked at how different your yard will look without worn-out eyesores in your space.

Many of these fixes you can tackle yourself if you’re a handyperson with extra time on your hands.

You need to consult with your neighbor before tackling any of your clean-up chores that affect their home, though. Find out how to remove a fence or know when it’s time to hire the professionals.

2. Set it Aflame

We don’t mean this literally, of course. One of the best and most cozy features you can have in your backyard is an outdoor fire area. Not only are fire features aesthetic, but they’re functional, too.

There are many different ways you can bring fire to your yard. The feature you choose will depend on the space you’re working with and how much you’re willing to spend. You can even DIY a firepit if you have time and patience.

If you prefer to buy a fire feature, consider columns, chimeneas, bowls, or even fire tables. Each type provides a host of pros and cons, so do your research before jumping head first.

It would be best if you also considered local laws before investing in a fire feature. Some areas have strict rules regarding how close your pit can be to your home. If your backyard has many trees, you’ll have to do some landscaping to ensure you don’t actually set your property aflame.

3. Get Some Shade

If your yard is sun lovers paradise, you should consider adding a shade feature. One in every 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the time they’re 70. Avoid becoming a statistic by installing a shady area to escape to during the summer.

Patio curtains are the least expensive way to boost the shadiness factor of your yard. These will work if you already have an overhang or pergola from which to hang the shades. You can open and close them as you need and even use them as a privacy curtain to keep peering neighbors out.

If you’re a green thumb, trees or vines can beautify your space while providing shade. Wisteria, chayote, and bougainvillea are gorgeous flowering vines that can transform your space. Hybrid poplars, Nuttall oaks, and red maples are fast-growing trees that will eventually provide shade.

4. Grow or Buy a Privacy Wall

A privacy wall can ensure your business stays your own if your neighbors have wandering eyes. There are many ways you can incorporate one into your space.

Are you a green thumb? Do you love the way vines and plants can transform any space? Why not create a living, breathing privacy wall from shrubs or vines?

Are you a brown thumb who loves the look of plants even though you can’t keep them alive to save your life? Try creating a DIY backyard privacy wall with zip ties, a bamboo fence, and faux trellis. Zip tie the trellis greenery to the bamboo fence, and you’ll have a living wall you can’t kill.

If you couldn’t care less about plants, you can find privacy walls or screens at your local home improvement store. They come in almost any color, size, or design you can think of to suit the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

5. Get the Right Lighting

You’ll need some lighting if you’ll be spending any amount of time in your yard during the evening. The right type of lighting can completely transform the mood and aesthetic of your space.

Solar lights are the most fuss-free option since you won’t need to worry about finding plugs to make them work. Line your walkways with solar pathway lighting or wrap solar string lights around railings.

Install solar lights on an old chandelier for a to-die-for vintage and dramatic focal point.

String lights (or fairy lights) are a whimsical option to make any space feel cozier. Hang them from just about anywhere to make your yard feel like a fairy tale. Trees, railings, and pergolas are all perfect places to hang your string lights.

Fill a large flower pot with soil, flowers, and a 6-foot wooden pole. Fasten a hook to the top of the pole and hang your string your lights from pole to pole. The flower pots act as a bonus beautifying feature for the yard!

You can even affix string lights to your brand new privacy fence! The possibilities are quite endless. Get creative.

Have Fun With Your Backyard Transformation

You don’t need a lot of money to accomplish a backyard transformation. It’s not hard to learn how to renovate a backyard. All you need is a little creativity and some patience to complete a makeover that makes you proud.

Keep reading our blogs for more ideas on how to transform your space into your sanctuary.

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