5 Ways to Show Her That You Care

During these pandemic times, it’s no surprise that mental health awareness has been a huge spoken about topic along with rise in domestic violence. If you are one of the people who hasn’t been able to see your partner over long periods of time, then you may be struggling and experiencing feelings you haven’t felt before. What’s also important is that your partner will be feeling the same way too.

So, here are some ways to show her just how much you care during these difficult times:

  • Actions speak louder than words

This is a very classic saying and one that you have probably heard over and over again especially if you have been in the bad books before. It’s very easy to write a text message saying that you love her and that you miss her, the effort and time that you spend actually doing something will demonstrate that these text messages are true and will be received with great appreciation.

Now obviously it means that you have to actually put in that effort however, all the small things that you do will be noticed and greatly admired. It could be as easy as taking out the trash in the morning so she gets to stay in bed that extra 10 mins or it could be as simple as surprising her with a gift like the Teddy Rose Bear gift from The Royal Rose which will give her a smile every time she sees it.

  • Listen to her

It’s very important for a woman to feel like she is being heard. If you are the type of guy who usually is too busy watching the TV and responds with meaningless “Yes” and Sure”, over the course of time, you partner will feel under appreciated.

If your partner is trying to tell you something or even just asking about your day, make the effort to have a genuine conversation so that she feels your authenticity and that your words are meant just for her.

  • Share your happiness

If you are a bit of a gym-goer then you may have heard the phrase “couples that workout together stay together”. It comes from the idea that when you do things together with your partner, it brings you closer together. This is especially true if these are brand new experiences that you are doing together as the brain releases the hormone oxytocin.

This could be as simple as trying a new sport together or even planting some flowers in the back garden. It may require a bit of work but the encouragement that you provide to each other will bring you closer together.

  • Surprise her with the unexpected

We mentioned this briefly before but this will definitely get her your attention. It doesn’t mean you have to take her out for a £200 dinner or buy her a new Gucci handbag. This could be as simple as running her a bath when you feel like she has had a stressful day at work or cleaning the house so she can have that extra time in bed or an early night’s sleep. Anything that makes her day that little bit easier will be a huge thing for her and show her that you care!

  • Talk about your feelings

This is probably easier said than done but during these pandemic times, it is so easy to become disconnected with each other’s feelings. If you are living together, then this is probably the most of each other you have seen in a long time especially if you have been working from home. Even worse, if you are living apart, your conversations may have become repetitive and boring with both not having too much to talk about.

Being able to share your feelings will really help your partner understand and in the long-term help strengthen your relationship.

It’s no surprise that during these times, it’s more important that ever that we need to be there for each other and show our caring side. It’s very easy to get complacent and let these negative feelings build up inside you which will end up the relationship falling apart. All it takes is a few small moments of effort and displays of care.

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