Going Green: 3 Cute and Fun Eco-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

We have less than 10 years to make a change before climate change becomes irreversible. And while major corporations need to be held responsible, there are choices you can make to help the environment.

For starters, consider eco-friendly home decor. What makes home decor eco friendly? We have a few simple rules that are easy to follow to guarantee you live in an eco-friendly house.

1. Upcycle

Two elements go into everything that affects how eco-friendly and ethical an object is. The first is what goes into making it, and the second is how long before it ends up in a landfill.

So one way you can make something more eco friendly is by upcycling it so it stays out of landfills for longer.

Fortunately, this trend is taking off. You can upcycle almost everything in your home. Upcycling is a great way to get crafty, express your creativity, and make something truly unique for eclectic decor.

Find what you want to breathe new life into, and google “upcycling ideas for…..” and see what the internet has to offer for inspiration.

2. Buy Second Hand

On the same idea, a good way to keep things out of the landfill is by buying secondhand. This keeps things in use for longer and lowers the need to create new things.

It’s also cheaper on your wallet. You can find more unique possessions at better prices by visiting thrift stores, pawnshops, and garage sales.

The biggest area this can have an impact is on furniture and clothing. But you can get dishes and home decor too.

3. Buy From Good Companies

Finally, if you are going to buy something new, do your research on the company you’re purchasing from. Where do they source their materials? How do they treat their workers?

If you’re going to buy something new, also consider how it will affect your eco-footprint. For example, it may be worthwhile to buy a new solar installation because it will help you switch to more eco-friendly energy. On the other hand, a new gas car isn’t the most eco-friendly choice.

Vetting your companies is a lot of work. You have to understand how bad the industry as a whole is and try to find the best players.

Companies also understand consumers’ interest in more eco-friendly products. They use buzzwords like “eco-friendly” and “natural” or “green” to make their products sound better. In practice, these are essentially meaningless.

Add Eco-Friendly Home Decor Ideas to Your Home

Filling your home with eco-friendly home decor is a great way to save money and help the planet. It isn’t hard to go green at home. Upcycle, buy things second hand and make sure you’re buying from quality companies.

The longer you can make your possessions last, the more eco-friendly they become. So if you can give something new life, keep it alive for longer.

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