5 Ways to Protect Your Kids Out On The Water

Whether you are playing by the pool, taking a trip to the beach, or heading out on your boat, keeping your kids safe around the water is every parent’s priority. No one wants to experience the unfathomable tragedy of a drowning incident involving their children. The unfortunate fact is that it can happen in just seconds if the right safety protocols are not in place.

Summer may seem like a long way off as the winter snow continues to fall, but now is the time to start talking to your kids about water safety. Preparing your kids for the season ahead may help them to be ready when it’s time to hit the water.

Whether you are getting your kids fitted for the right lifejacket or installing one of the best t-tops for center console boats to keep your kids protected from the harsh summer sun, now is the time to prepare for a safe summer on the water. Let’s look at a few ways that you can protect your kids on the water.


The most important safety lessons that you can teach your children about water is how to swim. Small children and infants can start lessons early to teach them to not fear but respect the water. Early lessons about water, pool, and craft safety should be a priority in every family. Get your kids signed up early for swimming lessons so that they can develop strong skills and endurance in the water.


It may seem obvious, but children that are in any type of open watercraft should have a life jacket on at all times. It is the law in most states and should be taken seriously. Accidents out on the water happen all the time, and if your child is thrown overboard or injured, their life jacket may be the only thing to save them. Children who are not as confident with their swimming skills should also wear a life jacket when around any water body.


For children that have strong swimming skills, you may relax a bit while they’re under your supervision. However, instituting a buddy system is still very important. Make a strict rule that no child should be allowed in any body of water or pool unless they have a buddy. This system can help keep your kids safe and still allow them to have fun with their friends and siblings.


If you own a boat, it’s important to teach your children all the aspects of watercraft safety. When they are very young, instruct them on the ways to stay safe while out on the boat. From wearing a lifejacket to knowing how to use the emergency radio, knowledge is power for your children when it comes to boats. Walk them around your boat during the winter and instruct them on everything that they need to know to stay safe.


Spending a day out on the water is always fun but, the sun itself can hold hidden dangers. Always make sure that your children are protected from the sun to avoid heatstroke and dehydration. Installing a T-top canopy on your boat, putting on waterproof sunscreen, wearing hats, and drinking lots of water are a few ways to protect your kids from the strong summer sun out on the water.

Hitting the pool or the lake with the family should be a fun and exciting adventure. To ensure that your kids are protected and prepared, follow these tips to help you keep your kids safe out on the water. 

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