5 Ways to Live More Sustainably

With the world evolving at such a rapid pace, the environment is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. We’re now, as a race, realizing the devastating impact that humans have on wildlife habitats and pollution levels. Sustainable living is a great way to start to reduce the individual impact you have on the environment. It’s easy to be dismissive. After all, what can a single person in a world of billions do? That’s not the attitude to take as the more people that switch to sustainable living, the more we can collectively begin to repair the environment. If you want to make this switch a priority in your life, the following are five ways to live more sustainably.

Drive Less

Cars and fuel emissions have the largest impact on the environment. To do your bit, try to cut down on the number of hours you spend driving. If you can walk or take public transport then do that instead. Is there a way you can carpool with your co-workers so you all don’t have to drive? We often take our cars on unnecessary journeys when it would be just as easy to walk. This is one of the practical ways to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle overall. With walking, you get the added benefit of exercise and breathing in the fresh air – what’s not to love about that? 


Vaping is an environmentally friendly substitute for smoking cigarettes. Cigarette butts are a leading cause of pollution as they are not biodegradable and remain in the environment for a long time after they are disposed of. Vape smoke does not contain the same harmful chemicals as cigarettes, either. There is also obvious that vaping is far healthier than smoking cigarettes. If you want a clean experience you can take a look at a selection of vaporizers online.

Make Considerate Purchases

How often do you check the labels of the products you buy? Chances are the answer is not often enough. Everyday household goods such as cleaning products and even foods contain products that have been sourced using unsustainable methods. Only by looking at the labels are you going to be able to know what the products you are buying contain. The takeaway here is to be more considerate with your purchases and you will start to make a difference.

Reduce Use of Plastic

Plastic is everywhere and it’s detrimental to our environment. Plastics release harmful chemicals into the environment that have destructive effects on the habitats of wildlife. Some companies use as little plastic as possible and these are the businesses you want to give your custom to. You should also try to use paper bags or no bags at all where you can.

Consider Effects to Wildlife

When buying products, you should be thinking about how that product was made and the effect it has had on wildlife and their habitats. For meat products, the methods used are often unsustainable and unethical. The production of other everyday products such as paper also has a negative effect on different habitats of wildlife. Consider eating vegetarian or vegan options a few times a week and, when you do want meat, buy it meat from somewhere you can trust are employing sustainable farming methods.