5 Things To Do For The Perfect Marriage Proposal

Whether you’ve dated for a few years or a few months, or you met way back in high school, or you found each other through a dating app – the point is, you’re both genuinely in love, and you’re planning to make it last for a lifetime. And so, you’ve finally decided to ask them that massive, life-changing question of marrying them. 

But, as most people know, making a marriage proposal can be very overwhelming. Not to mention that you’ll need to prepare and decide on so many things first before the moment where you get down on one knee. You also want to make sure that everything will go smoothly because you want the proposal day to be extraordinary and unforgettable for the both of you.  

Asking for your partner’s big yes for marriage is one of the most awaited moments of your life. Whether you’re going for an extravagant proposal or a simple and intimate one, there are certain things you’ll need to do to ensure you achieve the most impressive marriage proposal for your partner. So, before you pull out that 2 carat diamond ring from your pocket, here are five things you can do for the perfect marriage proposal. 

  • Ensure You’re Both On The Same Page 

Before you even think about a marriage proposal, you must see to it first that you’re both on the same side when it comes to marriage. Try opening up the discussion of marriage and family with your partner and hear what they think about it. Tell them that you’re planning to settle down and get married someday and ask if they’re dreaming about it too.  

Of course, you don’t want to sound too obvious, so keep the conversation casual and broad. You can talk about your best friend’s recent wedding, and you can go from there.  

  • Buy The Engagement Ring 

One massive decision you’ll need to make as part of the proposal preparation is the engagement ring. Be reminded that this piece of jewelry will be worn by your partner for the rest of their life, so make sure you pick something you’ll know they’ll surely love and adore. Observe the kind of jewelry they wear every day or ask their best friends about their tastes. It’s also important to take note of their ring size. You can find a ring that they wear regularly and show it to the jeweler. 

As for the jeweler, you can ask for recommendations from your friends and family about which stores have some of the best collections of emerald cut engagement rings with excellent service and positive reviews. Some jewelers can make a good guess on your partner’s ring size just by basing on their weight and height. But to be safe, you can casually ask your partner if it’s not a secret for them. 

  • Brainstorm About The Type Of Proposal 

Now that you have an engagement ring, it’s time to brainstorm about what type of proposal you will pull off. When planning for the proposal, make sure you consider your partner’s personality, likes, and preferences. For instance, if your partner is an introvert and lowkey, then it may be best to stay away from public proposals or grand gestures that call attention from many people. You can go for a more intimate setup like a picnic, a fancy dinner at a quiet restaurant, or surprise them in their bedroom after they get off from work. 

If you and your partner are the adventuresome types, you can go on a holiday proposal, or hike in the mountains and do it from there, or take your partner for a ride on a hot air balloon and pop the question. If your partner doesn’t mind getting the large crowd involved, then it may be safe to pull off your marriage proposal in the middle of the busy streets, in the park, or during a concert. 

  • Don’t Forget The Photographer 

Documenting the occasion is a great way to preserve this unforgettable event. So, don’t forget to hire an official photographer to take pictures before, during, and after the proposal. If you can’t book a photographer, you can always ask your family or friends to take photos for you. From these pictures, you can expect some epic reactions from your partner and the rest of the people witnessing the event. One day, it’ll be easier for you to browse back to these pictures again and reminisce one of the best decisions you both made in your life. 

  • Take Time To Prepare Yourself 

Perhaps the most crucial preparation before a marriage proposal is no other than yourself. Even if you have a beautiful engagement ring and a breathtaking proposal setup, if you’re not ready and you feel unprepared and jittery, it’s still hard to pull off that “perfect” proposal. 

So, prepare yourself by knowing the proposal’s dos and don’ts and take some time to practice saying the question. It’s also ideal to prepare a little speech that will go along before the question. You don’t need to memorize a very long speech. The point is, you already know what to do and what to say as you gather your thoughts and outline them in your mind. Most importantly, don’t forget to be genuine as you put your feelings into words.  

Wrapping Up 

There you have the list of things you’ll need to do to pull off a perfect marriage proposal for your partner and pop that life-changing question! Once you’re finally kneeling in front of your partner, don’t forget to live in the moment as you’re waiting for their big yes. Let your partner have their moment to cry, laugh, or hug it out. After they’ve briefly collected themselves, hold their hand tightly, and slowly put on the engagement ring on their ring finger to signify that you’re both ready to take on this lifetime commitment.