5 Unique Holiday Proposal Ideas

A successful proposal can lead to marriage and determine who you will spend your life and raise a family with. Proposing marriage is one of the most significant steps you will take during your lifetime.

It’s a good idea to discuss marriage and get an idea of what type of ring your partner would like before proposing. Once you have the ring, you can choose a creative holiday proposal to make your engagement unique and memorable.

1. Advent Calendar Surprise


An Advent calendar is used to count down how many days remain until Christmas. Advent calendars come in a wide range of styles. Some have small compartments you open to access a candy while others have ornaments concealed in small drawers or compartments behind the date. There are also cloth Advent calendars with pouches for each day of Advent. If you purchase a reusable Advent calendar with drawers, compartments, or pouches, it will be easy for you to hide the ring inside the Advent calendar. This is the perfect way to surprise your partner, particularly if you have a ritual of marking each day of Advent.

While your partner opens the compartment, you can get down on one knee and be ready to propose when they discover the ring. You can choose from engagement rings Northern Virginia and opt for a solitaire engagement ring, with a single gemstone, or select a halo ring with a circle of diamonds surrounding the featured gemstone. When the largest gemstone has smaller gemstones on each side of it, it’s a three-stone ring. Taking time to try on rings before you propose can ensure you know your partner’s ring size and ring style preference to ensure you pick the perfect engagement ring.

2. Haunted Proposal


Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in countries that celebrate. On October 31, children dress up in costumes and go from door to door and receive candy. Many people decorate their homes to make them look spooky during October. It’s also popular for people to throw Halloween parties or visit haunted houses or go on haunted hayrides.

Collaborate with a local haunted house and plan a trip through a local haunted house. Perhaps you can arrange to have the ring attached to a spider that drops down on your partner or extended in the hand of a phantom or witch that’s part of the attraction. If your partner loves Halloween, you can also use a Halloween advent calendar to surprise your partner with their ring.

3. A Special Easter Egg Hunt


Egg hunts are popular, fun activities held in the weeks leading up to Easter. It’s also common for people to host Easter egg hunts at home on Easter morning, particularly if they have children. Treats are hidden inside plastic egg shells that can be popped open and reused.

Create an Easter egg hunt in your home or yard and ensure your partner gets a special plastic egg with their engagement ring inside. This can be a fun way to surprise them with a proposal when they aren’t expecting it.

4. Decorating the Christmas Tree


December is the most popular month of the year for marriage proposals, and thanks to Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve, there are many opportunities for holiday proposals. Many people decorate a Christmas tree in the weeks before Christmas, and tree decorating can be the perfect time to propose. You can conceal the engagement ring on a tree branch and ensure your partner is tasked with hanging an ornament on that bough. Another option is to tie the ring to the star or angel you place at the top of the tree. Planning a proposal when you’re decorating for a holiday can be a great way to surprise your partner genuinely.

5. Invite Christmas Carolers

Christmas carollers sing seasonal and holiday songs. It’s common for Christmas carolers to perform at malls, department stores, churches, and Christmas parties. Some Christmas carolers also visit neighborhoods and sing for residents. Locate a local group of Christmas carolers and plan for them to visit your home to sing carols. You may be able to convince them to perform a special song to set the mood for a truly memorable marriage proposal.

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