5 Things to Consider When Moving from the City to the ‘Burbs

We’re just going to put this out there – city life isn’t for everyone. The hustle and bustle can be overwhelming to say the least! Even though there are always things to do and see in the city, people are packing their bags and heading to the suburbs. They’re in search of a life that’s a little more low-key and a home with plenty of space for the family.

Families that are moving out of the city are going to be in for a rough ride because many markets around the country are experiencing a hot seller’s market, as reported by 92% of real estate agents who participated in a Q3 2020 survey published by Homelight.

If you’re thinking about moving to suburbia, here are 5 things you’ll want to keep in mind!

1.Is it better to rent or buy?

One would think that buying a house will always be the best course of action in terms of housing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In some areas, it’s cheaper to rent for a while until the right home comes along.

We recommend that before buying the first house that comes along, we recommend that you consider your options carefully. Look at the average cost to rent in the area you want to move to and then compare that with your estimated mortgage payment for a similar house. You can use the many calculators available here.

2.Think about the school district (if you have children)

It’s understandable that homebuyers who have children (or will have children in the near future) are going to want to make sure they’re sending their kids to the best schools. If this is a concern for you, make sure you do a little research about the schools in the new area. You can check out Great Schools to see how different school districts compare so that you’re confident your kids are getting a good education.

3.Spend time in the neighborhood you want to live in

You might think that your desired neighborhood is absolutely perfect for your family, but unless you have first hand knowledge about it, you could be wrong. The neighborhood may look great when you Google information and reviews about it, but we strongly recommend spending time there. if you’re moving to a new neighborhood that’s far from where you currently live, of course that will be more difficult, if not impossible.

Take note of how friendly people are when you spend time at the park or even going to the grocery store. Check to see if the neighborhood has the amenities that are important to you, such as a rec center for kids, parks, and access to public transportation. If the new area doesn’t meet your needs, consider looking in an area that does have the things you want.

4.Scope out the nearest shops and employment opportunities

The pandemic has upended our lives in ways we often took for granted. People are working (or learning) in their home offices and online shopping has skyrocketed! Yet, not everyone has the ability to stay at home. For those who have to go to a physical workplace, do a test run of how far your job will be from your home and look to see where the nearest shopping centers are. Also, take note of what traffic is like, if there are alternate routes to where you need to go, and the like.

5.Hire a top-rated real estate agent who knows the desired area

Buying a house is more than just saying, “I want that house!” It requires hiring a real estate agent who has negotiation skills, people skills, and understands the neighborhood as though they live there. Your real estate agent is going to work in your best interest to get you a great deal on the house of your dreams and you’re going to want to do your homework before hiring just anyone.

Ask people in the area for recommendations (if you can) or even look up top-rated real estate agents in the area. You might even want to meet with them in person so you can get a feel for their personality and to see if they make you feel confident about hiring them. With an agent on your side, moving to the ‘burbs will be a peace of cake!


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