5 Tantric Massage Techniques Everyone Must Know

Tantra, which dates back to India, and the first millenium CE, does away with the misconception that the body and the satisfaction of its pleasures is sinful. On the contrary, tantric belief conveys the message that a partner is to be worshipped and the pleasures of the body should be considered a medium, not a block to the divine. By aligning male and female energies, tantra aims at achieving a higher consciousness.

What is Tantra Massage

Tantric massage is a more physical application of tantra that leverages the body’s intimate

energies to achieve various healing goals and benefits including:

  • The removal of blocks to open up more energy
  • The rousing of the body’s seven chakras or energy centers
  • Emotional healing and alleviation of any guilt
  • Relaxation and less stress
  • Enhancement of climatic potential
  • Pain relief
  • Boost to immune system
  • Spiritual awakening

Forever Tantric recommends prior to engaging in a tantric massage, create a comfortable atmosphere by using candlelight or other gentle lighting, and playing soft music. A tantra massage may be done by a lover or by a professional masseuse. When done by a lover to his companion, it helps to cement the bond between them further. If done by a masseuse, the receiver must inform the masseuse (the giver) if any intimate sensations develop and are causing discomfort.

Tantric Techniques

Given below are some must-know tantric techniques that couples can benefit from:

1. Deep Breathing

A syncing of breath between two people can help to establish a connection between the two. The connection doesn’t have to be intimate but can be. You can begin by positioning your hands on your knees, palms facing up and staring into the eyes of your partner. As you look into each other’s eyes, take deep but very soft breaths, proceeding to gaze beyond the eyes after a while into the soul.

As a next step, try to breathe in harmony with your partner, slowly inhaling through the nose and releasing air through the mouth. All through the process, maintain eye contact. Continuous eye contact opens up the heart and will help to develop intimacy.

2. Hand on Heart

Both you and your partner sit cross-legged facing each other. Each of you positions your right hand where your partner’s heart chakra is and then your left hand on top of your partner’s right hand. Feel the sensations in your physical heart and then in your heart chakra. Then, close your eyes and concentrate on your heart’s connection to your partner’s hand. Alternatively, you may just stare into your partner’s eyes and do the syncing of breaths.

3. Fake Sensations till they are actually there

Practise first with the little finger of one hand before trying it on your genitals. Close your eyes and concentrate fully on the little finger. Imagine that your breath is being transferred to that finger. Then, imagine that light from so many stars is entering the finger. Try to feel the pulse in that finger. Are there any sounds coming out from it? Once you’ve practiced this enough, you are ready to do it on your genitals, either alone or with your partner for an amazing experience. Tantric massage of the female genitalia is known as yoni massage. Read it more on

4. Full Body Massage Techniques

A simple way to do a full body massage is that you get your partner to lie down on bed. You then apply oil on the front of your body following which you move your body over your partner’s front and back. The important point to remember here is to not allow penetration. Another way to do this massage is with your hands and fingers using a variety of movements such as gliding, sliding, feather strokes and kneading.

5. Let your Expectations Out

Releasing expectations can greatly heighten a climax experience whether the climax is usually a prolonged ecstatic state or feels surprisingly loud and huge. When self stimulating or in a intimate milieu, letting expectations out enables relaxation and a letting loose of the mind and body. This in turn contributes to a feeling of absolute bliss.

Empower yourself with a soothing tantra massage to feel energized mentally, physically, spiritually and

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