5 Scenarios Where You Might Need an Attorney

Whether you’re facing a divorce, lawsuit, or personal injury case, you might wonder whether it makes sense to pay the often expensive cost for an attorney.

Hiring a lawyer can help you avoid worse legal issues, get the settlement you deserve, or make your case easier to handle. However, you can often handle certain legal situations yourself if you have some time and have little to lose.

So, when exactly may you need an attorney? Check out five of these situations that will likely require one.

1. You Had a Serious Car Accident

Should everyone have a lawyer for a car accident case? Well, it depends on whether the accident involved serious injuries or property damage.

If someone hit your car and caused you to face a disability or high medical bills, that means you should seek a personal injury lawyer. The same applies if you hit another car and caused a serious accident.

Otherwise, you might get too small of a settlement or end up paying too much for damage you caused. As a bonus, your lawyer can help with the insurance claims process and any headaches involved.

2. You’re Dealing With a Complex Divorce

In a perfect world, you and your spouse would agree on a peaceful divorce. You both could just sign some papers for the court and move on with your lives.

However, messier divorce cases unfortunately happen with disputes about custody and property. Such legal situations warrant an attorney who can help the two of you come to an agreement and complete your divorce paperwork and make fair arrangements.

3. You Have a Criminal Charge Against You

If you’re facing a criminal charge, you need a lawyer today. This category of legal issues can range from anything such as assault or kidnapping charges to property crimes and driving under the influence.

Such crimes can come with fines and prison sentences that can impact your life significantly. So, don’t go without an attorney’s expertise.

4. You Have to Declare Bankruptcy

When you realize that bankrupt appears in your future, you have no option to do it alone.

You’ll need to seek a qualified attorney who can examine your financial situation, explore types of bankruptcy options, and represent you in court. Your attorney will also help with property valuation and find any exemptions that can protect your assets.

5. You Need to Plan Your Estate

While you might see forms online to make a will, planning your estate without an attorney’s help has many drawbacks. You also would miss out on options that can protect your estate against claims of debtors.

To do it the smart way, find a qualified estate planning attorney who can offer advice and get things set up. That way, your loved ones will have less to worry about when you pass.

Find the Right Attorney for Your Situation

If your situation warrants an attorney, take some time to find the right fit. You’ll want to thoroughly research local options, get recommendations, and ask plenty of questions about expertise, results, and costs.

Before you hire someone, take advantage of a free consultation. This will give you some time to present your case and find out exactly how the lawyer can help you.

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