5 Rules for Choosing Accessories

Are you looking to step up your style game? Is your everyday jewelry just not catching your eye anymore? Believe it or not, there is a balance to properly accessorizing any outfit while staying true to your personal style. Striking this balance will complete a look that is totally and uniquely you. Take a few tips and hints out of this accessorizing rulebook and you’ll be turning heads the next time you step out on the street ready to accessorize to impress.

1. Don’t forget your phone


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2. Start stacking accessories.

Did you know that some accessories were meant to stack? Necklaces, chains, rings, and bracelets can all stack up to add one completely new and stylish you! Find your ring size, measure the length of your neck, or try on some jewelry from your own collection for size to ensure that you are purchasing the correct fit before your new looks show up at your door.

Are you someone who likes minimal jewelry, or do you like having a ring (or two) for every finger and toe? A simple ring can add some class and intrigue to any outfit, and its versatility is also perfect for stacking rings.

Do you have a few favorite pieces in your collection of rings but you never know how to choose? Why pick? You can make a maximalist impression while wearing minimalist jewelry. Switch up your everyday rings for that special gemstone ring, stackable ring, or even just a high-quality, genuine, simple gold ring you have been eyeing, and treat yourself to a statement-making accessory staple.

3. Mix up some metals.

Current style trends are in favor of mixing metals, but have you been adventurous enough to try it yet? Remember your mom telling advising you against the silver hoops and the yellow gold necklace? Tell her that mixing metals is the future, and there is no better time to experiment with mixing metals than now. Stack that sterling silver thumb ring with your favorite copper thin ring, and throw another dainty gold ring on your pinky, too.

Do you have multiple piercings in one or both ears? Play around with the metals and stones in your ears, too. The more you mix metals, the more “correct” and cohesive it looks. So, be edgy; take risks, and throw on those favorite accessories of yours no matter the metal or material it’s made of.

4. Try something out of your style comfort zone

Dare to try something new and out of your usual style and comfort zone — maybe it really is your style after all. Do you normally dress on the softer side? Try something a little edgier with chain rings in your favorite metal, or even play around with incorporating a fashionable skull or two into your fashion rotation.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone with novelty pieces, too. The more interesting you find something, the more likely it is that others will find it interesting too, so keep an eye out for stunning conversation starters to add to your growing accessory collection.

5. Blend practicality with style


Find accessory staples that blend practical use with fashion and style. For example, have a few different watches on hand to fulfill various purposes and match multiple styles. A sporty watch may be appropriate for everyday wear, but it would be a fashion faux pas for an evening out at a luxury venue.

Shoes are an accessory too, and can massively affect an outfit’s total impact. Make sure you have a pair of (polished) dress shoes in the basics — black and brown — and maybe even adopt a more daring color or material such as a colorful suede, leather, or bold print. Before leaving the house, do a quick check to make sure your shoes match your belt and any other supplemental accessories you are sporting for the day.

Photo by Kristina Petrick on Unsplash

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