5 Popular Vaping Flavors Every Beginning Vaper Should Try

For any beginning vaper, the numerous vaping flavors could prove confusing. If you need to try some of the best flavors you could get before settling for one that suits your style and taste, you’re in luck.

The following is a detailed list of the most suitable and popular vaping flavors for beginners;

Tobacco Spearmint If you’re a former smoker who just switched to vaping, you need something that offers the same feel and taste as menthol cigarettes, tobacco spearmint by Slate is a perfect choice. This flavor contains the minty e-juices you’re familiar with, which will get you to love vaping.

The best thing about this flavor is that it’s like combining old habits and new. You get the tobacco taste you’ve been familiar with for long, and you get the exciting and soothing experience of the spearmint. This will help you ease into vaping and enjoy every bit of it.


Imagine the taste of freshly steamed milk with a dash of vanilla, added to espresso and caramel sauce to top it all in a vape. That’s exactly what you get with Macchiato vaping flavor.

If at any point you used to light a cigarette while enjoying your breakfast coffee, Macchiato will take care of your vaping needs. This vaping flavor is rich flavors to help you start your morning the best way your know-how.

Another exciting fact about this e-juice is that it’s caffeine-free. This means you can vape and still go about your normal day or night routine without worrying about losing any sleep.

Key Lime Yoghurt

This e-liquid has the touch of refreshing key lime flavor blended with the rich and creamy undertone of classic Greek yogurt.

Its natural taste is like no other you’ve experienced in any of your previous smoking sessions. If you’re into working out, this vaping flavor won’t have any impact on your calorie percentage since it’s calorie-free. With this vape juice, you’re guaranteed a vaping experience like no other.

Raspberry Kiwi Lemonade

This e-liquid brings you that classic taste of freshly hand-squeezed lemonade blended with a unique dash of raspberry and ripened kiwi. This vaping flavor guarantees a summerlike sweet and sour taste that you won’t be getting over after the first puff.

If you want to make your vaping experience a memorable one, raspberry kiwi lemonade by Fluft will do the trick. Not only do you get an all-natural taste from it, but it fits all the other descriptions of what a classic vaping flavor should feel like.

Mango Cream Dream

If you’re a vaping beginner, you might be worried about making the wrong choice of picking an overly sweet fruity flavor. You don’t want to mess up your vaping orientation with a vaping flavor that does not tell your style and taste.

If you want a fruity vape flavor that stands out anytime, the mango cream dream by Mango Twist is the one. The tropical and mouthwatering mango taste combined with cream is a vaping flavor that makes a mark on any vaper, beginner, or not.

This is because the e-juice has an outstanding aroma with the softest and most delicious finish you can get. This vaping flavor will have you yearning to relive it more and more.


If you try the abovelisted vaping flavors, the chances are you’ll not want to ever go back to smoking cigarettes again. This is because there is always a unique touch you don’t want to miss in these vaping flavors.