4 Things to do When Your Flight is Delayed or Cancelled

Flight cancellations can disrupt your travel plans and no one ever looks forward to that but they happen regardless. This could be due to several reasons such as bad weather conditions, strikes, airport or border closures, natural disasters, and security issues among others. The recent COVID19 pandemic also played a huge role, as travel plans got disrupted over the world.

As frustrating as a delayed or cancelled flight is, there might still be hopes of reimbursement or compensation. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, what are you expected to do?

Stay Alert for Notifications

Every airline is expected to communicate with its passengers via emails or text messages. Ensure you have an active line or an email address while purchasing a ticket, so you don’t miss out on this. These notifications might just save you from going to the airport after a flight has been cancelled, which can further get you riled up. This will also let you know if you’re being rescheduled for another flight or will be getting a refund. With this, you can start making your next plans as soon as possible, even if it means getting a flight cancellation compensation.

Know Your Rights

You could vent to the air or turn your frustrations to the airline staff but you know what’s better? Getting paid for the time wasted. But that wouldn’t happen if you never knew there was the possibility. You may be entitled to some form of cancelled flight compensation for a cancelled flight but there are however rules guiding that. 

If the reason for the flight disruption is due to the airline’s incompetence, you can get compensated. You should also confirm that it is a UK or EU airline or you’re departing from or arriving at the UK or EU. Understanding your rights on both domestic and international flights makes it a whole lot easier because you now know what to do.

Keep Your Travel Documents

Your travel documents can just be your lifesaver here. Even if you have confirmed that the flight has been rescheduled, you can still keep all the old documents with you. This might be the only chance you get to claim your rights. So, don’t throw them all away while you’re upset; you should rather be gathering all the important documents you might need to win the case. Keep receipts of everything you purchase as a result of the delay or cancellation. 

Ask Relevant Questions

One important question to ask is why the flight has been delayed or cancelled. You can also get a written statement from the airline, so they don’t change their words later and leave you hopeless. If you can, get on a call with an agent to get further assistance. You can also ask for refreshments, especially if you’ve been delayed for more than 2 hours. You are entitled to that. 

Bottom Line

It is not just enough to know your rights, you must learn to exercise them so you don’t stay on the losing end.