Air travel is one of the fastest and most reliable means of transportation, and flying across the Middle East is best done with Air Arabia Airlines. Air Arabia Airline is a prominent low-Cost Carrier (LCC) in the Middle East and North America. They offer affordability, comfort while flying across over 170 destinations across Asia, Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. This Emirati Low-Cost Carrier offers cheap flights and remarkable customer services.


Air Arabia ensures safety first.

With the COVID 19 pandemic worldwide, Air Arabia ensures all safety guidelines are followed. They make sure everyone is safe before boarding by ensuring passengers wear their masks and at the airports by practicing social distancing, sanitizing baggage, and encouraging the use of hand sanitizers at various locations. They also ensure safety onboard by providing all aircraft fitted with HEPA filters to prevent contamination during flights. Food and drinks on board are also hygienically prepared and properly served.

Amazing flight options

With Air Arabia Airlines, you can book flight tickets online, pre-book baggage to save up to 90% of baggage charges, and preselect meals you wish to eat when flying.  One of Air Arabia flight options also enables you to reserve your seats before your flight.

Hubs and Joint Ventures

The Airline operates with four major hubs: Sharjah International Airport in Sharjah, UAE Ras Al Khaimah International Airport in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, Borg Arab International Airport in Egypt, and Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca, Morocco.

Air Arabia also created a joint venture with different bases; Egypt’s venture was started from 9th September 2009 to date, together with the Egyptian travel and Tourism Company in Egypt. The venture with Jordan was created in 2015 but ended in 2018. The venture with Morocco led to the creation of the Air Arabia Morocco from 2009 till date. A second base was also set up in Casablanca. This venture made it easy for Air Arabia to expand to Africa and Europe. The Fly yeti venture, which was with Nepal, didn’t last long; it started in 2007 and was suspended in 2008. These hubs and ventures enhance efficient performance by connecting airlines and Low-cost carriers like Air Arabia to the world.

Comfort Onboard

Air Arabia airline has a total fleet of 52 Airbus A320 and 4 A321 Neo LR aircraft. These Aircraft are fitted with the best, well-spaced furniture and interior decoration to give travelers comfort and satisfaction.

Air Arabia Airline Cares

Besides Air Arabia Airline tickets being cheap and committed to providing comfort and affordability, with regards to air travel, the Airline has also taken up the responsibility of uplift the lives of the less fortunate. In light of this, Air Arabia Airline has created a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to provide better healthcare and education for the less privileged people in a good number of communities.

The Middle East has become an important center of tourism, technology, and the industrial revolution. The next time you need an international airline in this region that’ll seamlessly meet your needs, choose Air Arabia for an enviable level of affordability and comfort.



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