Stylish Men’s Watches that will Last

There are few looks more classic for men’s accessories than a dive watch. This watch style is classic for a reason: you can wear it anywhere, and it is one of the most durable kinds of watches that there are.

Dive watches are defined by a specific attribute—the ability to survive underwater at pressure. Any watch that can technically be described as a dive watch, but there are a few features that define a true dive watch.

Dive watches have to be able to track a specific period up to one hour. This can be a rotating dial on the bezel (the standard option) or digital. This allows divers to quickly and efficiently track dive time. Since measuring your dive time can be the difference between living or dying, this is a pretty important feature.

A dive watch is expected to be shock-resistant for drops and impacts, and it needs to be visible in low-light scenarios. That can be accomplished via luminescent paint or through battery-powered lights.

As you can see, Dive watches have an array of key features that define them that can also make them extremely versatile fashion accessories.

Durable by Design

A dive watch has to be able to handle impacts with rocks underwater, drops on the boat, and any other number of impacts that it might endure. While it has become popular for extremely low budget, low quality watches to mimic dive watch design, these low-quality knock-offs are nowhere near as durable as actual dive watches.

To qualify as an ISO-certified dive watch, the watch has to pass several durability tests.

The watchband is certified to bear up to 45 pounds at the springs. The face is tested by hitting with 6-pound rubber mallets. The watch is exposed to thermal shock by submerging it in alternating hot and cold water. The watch is exposed to 125% of the depth pressure it is rated for, with a one-pound weight on top.

All that is to say that a dive watch is inherently durable. By choosing a genuine dive watch, you are buying a watch that will last a lifetime.

Timeless Style

Dive watches are recognized as a standard style of watch for everyday wear. Most men now prefer casual wardrobes and would not often have the opportunity to wear a formal, dressy timepiece. The same cannot be said for a dive watch. Dive watch styling looks modern, without looking so current that it has no character.

A dive watch makes you look prepared and competent while still being subtle enough for everyday wear. Modern dive watches offer fun twists like new strap materials or brightly colored faces. Regardless, dive watches provide an aesthetic that never truly goes out of style.

High Value to Quality Ratio

The most stylish diving watches available will be well made but built with modern techniques and materials that drive down production costs. This allows you to get a designer quality watch for a fraction of what it might have cost ten or twenty years ago. The power of the internet allows many companies to reduce their overhead on storefronts and shipping.

The reduced costs from modern logistics mean that the best values can be found online. Look for designs that have been rated highly or featured in popular fashion magazines.

To summarize, the way to find a stylish dive watch with durability is to look for ISO certification, which guarantees your dive watch is the real deal and can handle the abuse you are going to throw at it. Then find a model that meets the design aesthetic you are looking for. Put those together, and you have the perfect watch.