4 Distance Learning Tips From Parents That You Need to Know

COVID-19 has brought on tons of challenges for many of us and turned our lives upside down.

For many parents and children, the classroom is also now at home. As a parent, you might even need to take on a teaching role when necessary.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed about your children’s education, then don’t worry because you’re not alone. Many parents are in the same situation that you are.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide to the four distance learning tips from parents that you need to know.

1. Create a Dedicated Space

If you’re asking yourself “how to help my child learn from home,” then one of the best ways is to make sure that you give them a dedicated space to do so.

Most kids are learning from a laptop or tablet, but they shouldn’t be sitting on a sofa or in their beds. Make sure that they have a desk or room at the kitchen table to sit down and attend classes and do homework.

Giving them a dedicated space for school work will help them separate playtime from school time when trying to do distance learning at home.

2. Create a Routine

One of the best homeschooling tips is to create a routine from the start and stick with it. Even though learning from home gives you and your children the freedom to do whatever you want, you need to make sure that they still have structure throughout the days.

Start by waking them up at the same time each day, have them get dressed, eat breakfast, and start doing school work at the same time. Routines will help you and your children stay focused.

3. Respect Their School Time

Many parents might want to sit in on their children’s distance learning classes, but this isn’t necessary. Your child goes to school without you and should do the same at home. Instead, make sure that you communicate with their teacher through email or phone calls, and you help with their homework when needed.

If your child is struggling to grasp a subject and you’re having trouble helping them, then you can reach out for help for homework. There is always someone willing to help a child in need.

4. Encourage Physical Activity

When you’re figuring out how to homeschool, you also need to make sure that your child is doing physical activities.

Kids should get at least sixty minutes of physical activity per day, but many would love to do more than that!

Make sure that you’re encouraging your child to get up and do something physical instead of sitting inside on their electronic devices every day.

Distance Learning Tips You Need to Know

No matter how young or old your child is, distance learning can be difficult. As a parent, you should make sure that you keep these distance learning tips in mind when trying to help your child with school work.

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