Turn Your Backyard Into an Oasis

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If you’re spending a great deal of time at home these days, the inside of your house is probably getting to be a little boring. Why not create an entirely new space outside? Your backyard is waiting for a renovation, and you don’t need to do much work to make it new and exciting. Explore some of the following tips for turning your backyard into an oasis.

Include a Firepit


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A firepit can be incorporated into your lounge area, but if you have enough space, you may want to keep it separate. Due to its versatility, a firepit is a great addition to any backyard. It provides extra light as the days get shorter, functions as a way to warm your family on chilly fall evenings, and lets you pretend you’re camping in the wilderness while you make yummy s’mores over the open flame.

Set Up a Lounge Area

From a quiet, idyllic area for reading to an open space for the family to gather, your lounge area can be anything you want it to be. Incorporating a variety of patio furniture into your lounge area allows everyone to find something they like. Be sure to keep some extra pillows and blankets on hand for added comfort.

If your lounge area is situated in direct sunlight, consider getting an umbrella for some shade. Your skin and eyes will thank you. When using your umbrella, however, remember to periodically check for nests created by paper wasps, a species also referred to as the umbrella wasp, that may make a home in your new furniture. If you discover these pests, you can contact a professional pest control service for help.

Invest in Additional Lighting

If a firepit isn’t your style, but you’d still like to sit outside in the dark, then you may want to have additional lighting in your backyard. Strings of lights are a great option to shed some light on your area, and you don’t have to worry about them being too harsh like a spotlight or a pole light. A range of options for strings of lights exists, and you can choose from among different colors, shapes, and brightness levels.

Candles are a more simplistic way to light your backyard. Citronella candles keep away pests, and they create an intimate atmosphere that blocks out the rest of the world. Be sure not to leave them unattended.

Plant a Garden

You don’t need to have a green thumb or a large space to plant a garden. Herb gardens can be grown in a limited space, and they’re a fantastic way to spice up your cooking. If you happen to have extra space for a more traditional garden and want to plant vegetables, start out with easier vegetables to grow, such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, or carrots. Additionally, flower gardens can transform even the stalest areas into a relaxing oasis. Marigolds, begonias, and daffodils add a pop of color and are generally easy to care for.

Your backyard is a blank canvas to do whatever you’d like. Don’t let that space go to waste. Start crafting your backyard oasis today!

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