17 DIY’s For Turning Succulent Plants Into Wonderful Decor Pieces

Every home needs to have a living plant. It may seem a simple matter, yet one plant can give a whole new feel to a place. Choosing the right plant for your home might not always be the one you like, but rather one you can grow and keep alive.

With our busy schedules, not everyone has a green thumb or time to tend to plants and that’s why for many people today cacti and succulents are the first choice for a house plant. It takes almost no effort to care for them and they do look lovely, especially the succulents.

Since they can be placed almost anywhere, you can compensate the lack of flowers or colors of the succulent plant by putting it in a decorative container or planter.

Spring is the perfect time to clean your hands and add life to your home with indoor plants. But succulents are a great option if you need help figuring out where to start. They are easy to care for and can also be turned into beautiful decor pieces with creativity.

One way to do this is by attending a virtual terrarium workshop to learn how to build your miniature garden. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you can try making some succulent art. All you need is a picture frame and some moss, and you can create a unique work of art that will spruce up any room.

So this spring, get creative and turn your succulent plants into wonderful decor pieces that add some life to your home.

Here are 17 unique, fun and lovely ways to help you turn your simple succulent plant into a remarkable decor piece.

Succulent Book Planter


Tutorial via craftsncoffee.com

Succulent Terrarium


Tutorial via transientexpression.com

Succulent Garden


Tutorial via theblondielocks.com

Tiered Succulent Planter


Tutorial via craftberrybush.com

Vintage Tea Tin Succulents

Vintage Tea Tin Succulents

Tutorial via thesarahjohnson.com

Lantern Terrarium


Tutorial via persialou.com

PVC Pipe Succulent Planter

PVC Pipe Succulent Planter

Tutorial via erynwithay.typepad.com

Wine Barrel Ring Succulent Wreath


Tutorial via artzycreations.com

Vertical Succulent Garden

Vertical Succulent Garden

Tutorial via 17apart.com

Faux Stone Planter

Faux Stone Planter

Tutorial via ehow.com

Driftwood Succulent Planter


Tutorial via succulentsandsunshine.com

Succulent Living Tapestry Pillow


Tutorial via edenmakersblog.com

A Little Birdhouse Decorated With Succulents

A Little Birdhouse Decorated With Succulents

Tutorial via joyusgarden.com

Succulent Planter

succulent plnters

Tutorial via cherishedbliss.com

Brick Succulent Planter/Candle Holder

Brick Succulent Planter Candle Holder

Tutorial via curbly.com

Dinosaur Succulent Planter

Dinosaur Succulent Planter

Tutorial via howtogal.com

Concrete Hand Planters


Tutorial via diyfunideas.com

The possibilities of displaying succulent plants are endless. Get creative and find your favorite way t decorate with this adorable plant.

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