15 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

Looking and feeling younger is a wish many people have. It becomes harder as you get older, though, especially when work obligations take up most of your life and your body no longer has the same energy it had in your teens and twenties. All hope isn’t lost, though, as there are plenty of ways to let your inner youth shine – here are fifteen of them. 

1: Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet  

Many people will tell you that the secret to staying younger for longer is to nourish your body properly. That means eating plenty of vegetables, getting enough protein, and cutting back on sugar and salt. If you need help understanding what you should be eating, there are plenty of guides online, or you could seek the help of a dietician. 

Eating a healthy and balanced diet will give you lots of energy and keep your waistline on the slimmer side, which contributes to a youthful appearance. If you need some additional help because you want to lose lockdown weight that you have gained over the last year, consider investing in some natural fat-burning formula as well that can reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism.  

2: Take a Trip to the Salon 

The right haircut can take years off your face. If it’s been a while since you’ve had highlights or a trim, take a trip to your salon. To help you choose the right cut, figure out what your face shape is and look at recommended styles for it. 

3: Get Outside 

Getting outside is a great way to squeeze in a little more exercise, which contributes to a young appearance, and it helps you feel younger, too. There’s nothing quite like fresh air on the face after a long working week, after all, so take a hike around some nearby hills or book a stay in your local nature reserve to revive your inner spirit. 

4: Workout for Strength 

Working out isn’t just for losing weight. In fact, if you want to feel youthful, you’re better off going for strength training. Not only will you naturally lose inches this way, but you’ll also increase your energy levels and feel much stronger than you did previously. It feels good to be able to lift a heavy table! 

5: Use Lighter Makeup 

Many people like to use makeup to hide their age, and it often works. However, the problem is when older women start using too much makeup (thinking it will hide their lines), in actuality, it only highlights them. Instead of investing in a matte foundation and thick mascara, then, you should take a look at lighter makeup products that give you a soft, natural glow. 

6: Invest in Skincare  

While makeup is great for accentuating your beauty, skincare is better for reducing fine lines and minimizing age spots. Figure out what your skin type is, and invest in a beauty routine that keeps your skin smooth and healthy. A quick tip: never rub your face after cleansing – always pat.  

7: Buy Something for Yourself 

As an adult, you might sometimes forget to treat yourself for no other reason than you want to. The next time you see a pair of shoes online or a coat in the store that you want to buy, instead of talking yourself out of it, buy it for yourself as a treat. After all, younger you would have! 

8: Take a Trip to a Theme Park 

One of the best ways to feel younger is to get your blood pumping, and what better way of doing that than visiting a theme park? While soaring through the skies, you will feel like a teen again, except this time, you can follow it up with cocktails! 

9: Drink Lots of Water 

Your skin becomes dry while dehydrated, and which greatly contributes to a more aged appearance. It’s important, then, to drink plenty of water throughout the day. The average recommended intake is around 2L, so get a 1L water bottle and fill it up halfway through the day to ensure you are well hydrated. 

10: Layer on the Sunscreen 

One of the biggest contributors to aged skin is damage from UV rays. To keep your skin as youthful as possible, make sure you layer on a high SPF sunscreen every morning (and even more throughout the day if it is particularly sunny).

11: Start a Fun Hobby 

As a kid and a teen, you are often pushed into trying new hobbies, but as an adult, you are likely to do the same thing over and over. What’s wrong with trying something new? To feel young again, search for a brand-new hobby you can throw yourself into.  

12: Do Something that Scares You 

How many interesting stories do you have from your youth where you did something utterly ridiculous just because you could? While you probably shouldn’t climb an unclimbable tree or jump in a lake where you don’t know what’s at the bottom, it’s still important to do something that scares you now and again, whether that’s standing up for karaoke or saying yes to a skydiving trip. 

13: Buy a New Perfume 

A new scent can give you a spring in your step not seen in years. Take a trip to your local department store and get to work on finding a scent that matches your personality and beauty, and then plan a night out where you can show it off. 

14: Get All Your Friends Together 

Older adults often find it challenging to schedule time together, especially as a large group. You must do so now and again, though, as it’ll help keep your friendships strong and your soul feeling young. Create a group chat with all your friends and figure out a date where everyone is free, and then schedule something fun. 

15: Set Goals 

Remember when you were young, and you had a million ambitions, all as exciting as the last? You wanted to climb a mountain, backpack through Europe, marry a prince, and swim in the deepest oceans. Your goals might look a little different now, but they’re still just as essential to have. Plus, as an adult, you’re more likely to see them through! 

By following these fifteen ways to look and feel younger, you’ll soon see increased energy levels, a youthful-looking face, and a drive you thought you’d lost as a child.