12 Unique Signs That Prove You are an Alpha Woman

Have you ever heard about women calling themselves “Alpha”? Or better. H

Is your man calling you his “alpha woman”? If he does, I would want to hear your explanation of an alpha woman in the comments section below.

Do it without reading these signs.

As the name points out, an alpha woman represents the dominant female in the group. She is confident and secure. A woman that works hard and is pretty much busy all the time.

A powerful female that enjoys her sarcasm and always ready for the new challenges. She is unique and different from the other women because the alpha breed knows that she wants all the time and goes after it.

If this sounds like you or anyone you know, check the signs below to find out more.


She chooses to be confident about everything she does. The alpha woman knows she can achieve the goal with or without you. She shines confidence and positivity.


This woman works hard, but she knows how to have fun and never forgets about her friends. She maintains the healthy balance that moves her forward.

Not a Pushover

She has boundaries and limits just like anybody else. She is straightforward and will tell you the truth whether you like to hear it or not.

Accepts Criticism

Women don’t want to be criticized. That’s probably the biggest negative thing for a woman. The alpha woman loves the critics. She uses them to push forward even harder. Accepting the truth and moving forward with a new approach to be better is a part of her blood running through her veins.

She doesn’t Compete with Others

Success is in her mind all the time. She is happy to see the others do well but focuses on her goals and business more.

Alpha Woman Isn’t Intimidated

As I said before, the alpha woman is confident in her intelligence, her abilities, and drive. Others can’t touch her about her looks, success, and achievements.


The Alpha Woman knows the right moment when to distance herself from a toxic and negative person. She trusts her gut that tells her something is wrong and moves on.

Woman with the Best Intentions

Using people is not on her mind. She believes that helping others without expecting anything in return is the road to good karma.

Manages Stress Successfully

The alpha woman is very active when the problems arise. She keeps things simple and searches for an immediate solution. Stress is not present whenever she finds herself in that situation.

A Motivator

A person that is always here to help support, and motivate you through the most difficult times.

Accepts Failure

The alpha woman commits to what she wants and will do anything to achieve it. She is taking her chances to chase and catch her dreams. She understands that failure is a part of life and see it as a lesson and motivation for going further.

Lives Without Regrets

Learning from her experience and treating each day of her life as a life lesson is the path she takes towards success. She doesn’t live in her past and has no complaints or regrets for what happened.

Are you an alpha girl?

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