12 Trendy Looking Nail Shapes For This Fall and Winter

As a woman, I appreciate good looking and neatly made nails. Many of you will agree with me that short and beautiful nails are a big win.

But it’s not that simple. It came out there are so many nail shapes out there that remembering all of them will make your head hurt.

With so much on our plate, it’s pretty hard for us to find what suits us the best.

Therefore, it’s easier when someone did the thing for you and gave the nail shapes on your plate. You just need to choose one, see how they look on you, receive the feedbacks, and move on to the next one!

Are you ready for this?

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Shape no.1: Round

This nail shape is for those who enjoy keeping their manicure short. The round tip comes with a few benefits like being harder to break because it doesn’t come with ridged edges to catch on things.

Shape no.2: Square

Square nails make the perfect base for a French manicure. The proud owners of square shaped nails can enjoy their medium or long nail length manicure.

Shape no.3: Stiletto

Stiletto nails are common on shorter fingers. The nails are long from birth and not very practical. However, if you think you can manage good looking long nails, go for it!

Shape no.4: Almond

Almond nails are not that different than the stiletto. They enjoy on long and slenderize fingers. However, these nails require large filling on each side making them easy to break.

Shape no.5: Squared Oval

For some, the squared oval shape is the most flattering one. Anyone could pull this look off.

Shape no.6: Ballerina

The stiletto nail with the excellent squared tip that gives the perfect shape. It’s the style you would want to call for the next special occasion.

Shape no.7: Mountain Peak

It’s a short nail style and easy to carry around. Even the basic manicure option will look good on this way.

Shape no.8: Flare

The flared shape is also known as the “Duck Feet.” Many nail care professionals avoid doing these flare nails because the look is exactly the opposite of what they’ve been trained to do.

They are against all nail sculpting standards, but if you want to do them, no one can stop you. There is always something beautiful in being unique.

Shape no.9: Lipstick

It’s the tip of the nail that mimics the shape of a lipstick. Makeup artist could find this interesting.

Shape no.10: Oval

It’s all about the form of the nail bed. If it’s wide and narrow, the oval nail shape will be a good option for you. It will make your nails pretty and healthy.

Shape no.11: Arrowhead

The nail shape that’s exactly what you expect from it to be. The shaped point could help your style.

Shape no.12: Edge

It’s an arrowhead shape, but much longer. It’s worth trying.

There are lots of weeks ahead of us. There is time for you to try them all.

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Maybe these 12 trendy looking shapes for fall and winter will finally discover your best nail style.

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