12 Easy DIY Ideas: How to Use String For Decorating Your Home

String is very powerful tool for decorating your home.

I know how it sounds, but wait until you see everything.

Using a string and few other tools, you will make your home like new.

Just by few simple steps you will get a decorative thing on your wall.

I didn’t believe until I saw it either.

A friend of mine was telling me about this decorating method.

I had the same look on my face as you have right now.

Don’t ask me how I know.

She invited me in her home to see what she has been doing in her free time.

It’s not expensive and it’s really, really fun!

As soon as I walked into her house, a big nice red heart made of strings caught my eyes.

My friend started laughing. She explained that my facial expression was like I saw a ghost.

I wasn’t scared, but surprised!

At first, I felt very wrong for not believing her. The heart was so nicely made. It looked like those décor pictures you can find in a store.

Enough about me.

I know you can’t wait to see this, so I’ll get straight to it.

DIY State String Art


Tutorial via DIY Ready

DIY String Heart


Tutorial via Green Wedding Shoes

“Home Sweet Home”


Tutorial via Infarrantly Creative

Kid-Friendly Constellation


Tutorial via Vintage Revivals



Tutorial via Dear Mckenzie



Tutorial via Fun Substance

Batman string art


Tutorial via A Turtles Life For Me

DIY String Art Design


Tutorial via Love This Pic

String Tree Wall Mural


Tutorial via Apartment Therapy

Nursery String Art


Tutorial via DIY On the Cheap

Dream DIY String Art


Tutorial via Honey and Fitz

Kitchen String Art


Tutorial via Honey and Birch

You have plenty of work to do. I’m kidding.

These things can be done in no time.

Just imagine how would your house look with this décor.

Absolutely amazing.

What are you waiting for?

If your friends are about to redecorate, share this with them!

They will love it!

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