10 Extras You Didn’t Know Were Available With Self Storage

Are you thinking about getting self-storage? If you are, there are tons of benefits you’re probably already aware of. What you may not know is that there are some extras that are not commonly known, that may encourage you to sign up for a unit sooner than planned. Let’s take a look at 10 extras you didn’t know were available with self-storage:

10 Extras You Didn’t Know Were Available With Self Storage

1. Climate Control

Climate control is commonly available in affordable indoor storage facilities. It enables you to choose the temperature of your unit so that you can keep it constant and protect your things from extreme heat or cold. It’s especially useful if you store items that could be impacted by the cold, such as instruments. You may also want to store hobby items, like wine, in a slightly cooler environment compared to items like standard household furniture, or clothing. The great news is that you don’t always pay more for climate control either, as it often comes standard with indoor cheap storage units.

2. Deliveries Being Taken

Self-storage facilities will often take your deliveries for you if they come late at night, or when you are unavailable to take them. Of course, this isn’t always a service that is available and it might cost more in some facilities. Either way, if you want more convenience for your business, or even an emergency option so that your delivery gets taken, it’s something to look out for and is most common in larger facilities with 24/7 receptions.

3. Equipment Hire

Lots of cheap storage unit facilities recognise that people visiting may not have people with them to carry and lift things. Even if they do, they know that it is easier to carry items using various pieces of equipment like trolleys. So, it’s pretty great news that the majority of self-storage facilities will have at least some equipment available for you to hire or borrow, potentially free of charge. This makes life a lot easier, especially if you visit your unit a lot.

4. Pickup & Drop-Off

Some affordable self-storage facilities offer a pickup and drop off service for belongings. This looks different depending on the business. Sometimes it can be a complete service where people will carry your item to a van, transport it to the unit and place it inside the unit. For other facilities, it is just a van service and somebody will be expected on either end to do the lifting. Either way, logistically it is really helpful because you save money and energy arranging your own transport. As with delivery receipt, it is also great to know about this kind of service just in case there is an emergency where you need this kind of help.

5. Storage Swapping

You can often swap your storage unit for a smaller or bigger size when a new contract month begins. Many people don’t realise this is the case and worry about having to pay for two units at a time. Of course, the terms of storage swapping depend on the facility, but most want to accommodate your needs and they will offer some degree of flexibility when it comes to switching the unit size. This is particularly handy for new businesses or seasonal businesses that may shrink and grow over time.

6. Quick Contract Cancellation

One thing a lot of people don’t realise is common with affordable self-storage is the ability to cancel quickly. The place to look for these kinds of details is in the small print of the contract when you are looking at committing to a unit. Most places will offer a monthly rolling contract which means only giving one month’s notice when you cancel. Be wary that some facilities may have a longer contract period which can be really challenging, especially if you need the flexibility of quick contract cancellation so, always check the small print before signing.

7. Local Service Connections

Lots of self-storage facilities have many connections with local complimentary services. This could include services such as:

  • Removals
  • Packing services
  • Antique dealerships
  • Fulfilment services for eCommerce
  • Document destruction services
  • Vehicle hire

It’s common for businesses who compliment each other in their services, to link up and perhaps even offer a discount if you mention the facility when calling them up. This can be really useful if you’re moving house or, using self-storage for business purposes so don’t be afraid to make enquiries.

8. Shredding & Document Destruction

Shredding and certified document destruction are a common extra provided by self-storage facilities. This is because lots of businesses utilise the facilities for paper storage. Paperwork becomes redundant after a certain amount of time, whether that is after it has been digitised or after legal time has lapsed where it has to be kept. Legally, and practically, it is important that most paper documents are destroyed in a way that ensures they are totally destroyed. This could be with diamond shredding or similar, where it is guaranteed that the information on those papers cannot be leaked or stolen. To further than, certification provides the ability for you as a business to then prove that sensitive or valuable information on physical paper has been destroyed.

9. Electricity

Every unit has lights inside it, but some facilities also offer extra electrical outlets to aid the use of the space as an office, or just to help with having somewhere to plug a kettle or vacuum into. It’s handy if you spend a lot of time at your unit.

10. Friendship

Friendship is something that many people don’t expect to get at a self-storage unit, and yet, many facilities have a community feel to them. This is especially true in facilities where lots of businesses use them, so business owners will get to know each other naturally. This provides a great situation for friendship and also networking too.

Which Extras Will You Look Out For?

With so many hidden extras available at various affordable self-storage facilities, what will you look for when you look for your unit?

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