Zero Calorie Foods: Do These Weight Loss Helpers Exist?

Call them the magical foods in your diet. If you wоnder why this name, it is because they make you full whenever you feel hungry.

The catch here is that they don’t harm your diet. It’s exactly the opposite. They help you achieve your goal faster and more effective.

Now, if we talk about whether these zero calorie foods exist or not, I can say they don’t exist.

Every food has its own calorie levels. They are called like that because their calorie level is below 50 per 100 grams serving.

You only need to sneeze twice and burn their calorie level.

All jokes aside, these foods are always compared with low-calorie foods. Like chicken. 100 grams of chicken has approximately 170 calories. And you already know that chicken is low-calorie food.

When you compare that with these foods, you will see that these can be called zero-calorie foods.

There. We cleared the name.

Now let’s see how they will help you if you are struggling with your weight.

You know how being fat can feel like. Annoying. Boring. Stubborn. Those couple of pounds won’t leave their comfort zone and get out once and for all.

These foods come in handy when you are still hungry and you just ate. They will give you the “full” feeling right away and you won’t feel like eating for the next 2 hours.

And that’s crucial when you are trimming down your weight.

People base their diets on these foods. They want those fast results that I’m not a big fan of.

Things need to go steady and healthy.

Now, if you are ready I can go over the food part. I know you are. You were born ready!

Let’s dig in:


I usually use celery in my smoothies. It’s like you are drinking a glass of water. You feel full, but you haven’t eaten anything. Their stringy nature makes it possible for it to hold the water in it. In 100g of celery there are 16 calories.


The vitamin C foods are also really low in calories. In 100g serving there are 47 calories. If you tend to try eating less calories, oranges will help you out.


My mother told me that when I was a little girl, I didn’t want to sit on the table if there wasn’t any cabbage. I can say that was my favorite vegetable. It still is. I knew what is healthy even when I was little. Total calories per 100g serving: 25. It makes up for perfect salad with carrots for dinner!


You can notice the asparagus at the side of any dish. I always “argue” with the restaurant owners because of that. Asparagus should be in the meal, not like a decorative veggie. Anyway, consuming asparagus means adding a really low number of calories per serving. In 100g serving there are 20 calories.


If you want to feel the benefits of beets and its zero calorie level, you need to consume fresh beets. In 100g serving there are 43 calories. Beets are amazing for the body because of their betalains and antioxidant properties.


There is so much water in the cucumbers. There isn’t anything else that will rise the level of calories. You can eat as much as you like. That’s the magic in these foods. You will eat 2 or 3 cucumbers and get full without harming your diet. 100g contain 16 calories.


If you are counting calories through the day, you can increase the level of lemons without worrying about going over the allowed daily calorie intake. I know you can’t eat lemons all day just to keep your calories down. They are great for making your water taste better. In 100g serving there are 30 calories.


Here is a tip. By mixing cauliflower with broccoli and cabbage you will get the salad you can’t stop eating. When I don’t feel like preparing dinner, this is it. This is the meal that holds me up. Instead of vinegar, try seasoning it with lemon. You will fall in love. In 100g serving there are 29 calories.


It’s not important what type of mushrooms you will pick. They are all low in calories. The calorie level can vary between types, but it’s definitely below 50 in 100g serving.


I can’t wait for summer! Watermelon is my fruit. It’s low in calories and it’s really sweet. It’s my replacement for other sweet and unhealthy snacks. Plus, it makes me full really fast.

Other zero calorie foods:

  •   Zucchini (100g = 17 calories)
  •   Tomatoes (100g = 17 calories)
  •   Grapefruit (100g = 42 calories)
  •   Brussels Sprouts (100g = 43 calories)
  •   Kale (100g = 49 calories)
  •   Turnips (100g = 28 calories)
  •   Apples (100g = 50 calories)
  •   Onions (100g = 40 calories)
  •   Carrots (100g = 41 calories)
  •   Broccoli (100g = 34 calories)

Try all of these foods and see the benefits of it. Aside from their low calorie level, they are great if you want to stay healthy.

They all have healthy properties that will keep your organism protected all the time.

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