Zen Living Room Ideas That You Will Love

Have you been trying to remodel your living room? If so, there are many decor ideas that can allow you to bring more peace, relaxation, tranquility, and serenity into your home. To create Zen in your home, your actions are brought on by your intuition. This means, that from a designing standpoint, anything that brings you calmness and soothing sensations can add Zen to your home. There are many items such as a Buddha Statue, boho wall decor, and a namaste sign that can allow you to create a Zen design in your living room. Continue reading here to find out more about Zen living room ideas that you will love.

Zen Garden

When you are thinking about bringing Zen into your home, what room comes to your mind first? If you are like many others, you are wondering how to bring Zen into your living room? This is one of the rooms in the home that is used the most. If this is what you are trying to accomplish, you can get a Zen garden. Many people think that a garden has to be outdoors. However, you can get some gravel, stone, or sand in a small container and put it indoors. From there, you can play in the Zen garden when you need to relax or feel calmer. You can get a Zen garden in many different styles and materials.

Buddha Statue

Zen is known to come from Japan. Buddhism is one of the practices that is commonly connected to Zen. Due to this history, one of the things you can do to bring more Zen into your living room is to get a Buddha Statue. This focal point can represent Buddha in your home. Not only will it add Zen to your living room, but it will begin the relaxing vibes that spread throughout your house.


If you don’t want a large Buddha Statue, you can get one that is smaller. There are many Buddha statues that you can get for desktops or stands in your living room.

Combining Zen and Other Styles

If you are looking create a Zen living room, that is wonderful. It can bring relaxation, peace, calming feelings, positive vibes, and overall wellness into your home. However, you might decide that you love other styles and want to have those in your house, too. You can easily combine the Zen style with different styles. Some of the styles that would look great with Zen decor include modern styles, rustic styles, natural styles, artistic styles, and more. You can find Zen decor for your living in each one of these styles.

Window View

How could you go about extending the Zen to other areas of your home while still accessing it from your living room? This is completely possible. You could put Zen items and decor outside your living room window. Then, all you have to do is open up your shades or blinds and look outside. If you have an open floor plan, you can also put Zen decor in other rooms of your house, such as your kitchen. This way, if you are sitting in your living room, you can experience Zen, no matter which direction you look.

Adding More Design Elements to Your Zen Living Room

When creating your Zen living room decor, think about the styles and elements that you would like in this room. While the root of Zen might stem from Japan, that doesn’t mean you must stick with every item that comes from Japanese culture. In fact, you could go with paper doors, tatami flooring, and other inspiring Zen sources. These generally come from Asia and other areas around the world.

Multiple Styles

If you think that sticking to only one style won’t make you happy, you can expand to multiple styles. You could try a couple of Zen home decor ideas from different cultures and see how it makes you feel. If an item from one culture brings you more happiness, serenity, and peace, then you may decide that is the style you want to focus on for your living room. There are so many ways that you can incorporate various styles into your home.

Zen Furniture and Wall Colors

What colors and styles of furniture bring you the most peace? For instance, when you see a red or orange color on white – what feelings do you get? Does this bring you joy or happiness? Does it make you feel calm or at peace in your life? If so, then this might be the color of furniture that you want to get for your living room.


When you think about the color of your walls, does it currently make you sad or just plain? If so, it might be time to change the wallpaper or paint. Some of the colors that generally bring a feeling of Zen include white and black, brown, and beige. If brighter colors make you feel at peace, then you could choose those, as well.


Keep in mind that the main goal for Zen designing in your living room is to bring more calm sensations and positivity into your life and home. Don’t stress too much about the items that you think need to be there. Look online and see what is available. See if there are any Zen items that resonate with you or that you seem to connect with. If so, you can place that item in your living room. Then, you can design the rest of your living room around that one item. Whether that be a Buddha statue, namaste sign, boho wall decor, or something else, you can always achieve a Zen living room style.

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