Your Sleeping Position Reveals a Lot About Your Relationship

Lying down in bed mad with your partner is not an easy task to accomplish.

Knowing that something isn’t right between you will slowly damage the whole relationship. I hope you don’t like that to happen.

So, with the help of the sleeping position you can fix things. It came out that the comfortable position you lie down in reveals a lot of things.


The Cliff Hanger

Sleeping on the opposite sides of the bed means that you are at a vast distance in your relationship.

However, if this happens rarely, it only means that both of you need a good night sleep without sudden interruptions.

The Crab

This position is real problems. While one partner needs the space, the other is desperate for intimacy.


It’s the lovely position when the women’s head rests on her partner’s shoulder. It means that the woman depends on the man.

Pillow talk

One on one contact and conversation.


It’s the one when the men lay on his back while the woman rests her head on her partner’s chests.

Lover’s Knot

The sleeping position that means love, respect, deep relationship, intimacy, and sexual activity.

Spoon Male Inside

The sleeping position that says the man needs love and care.

Spoon Woman Inside

The male is protecting and loving


Back to back touching means comfortable and intimate partners.


Back to back not touching means deep connection and independence

This doesn’t mean that you need to watch how you get in bed. It’s all natural.

If there is a problem with your partner, clear the air. Don’t be afraid to talk to each other.

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