Your Guide to Experiencing Norway

Norway is a stunning place, full of remarkable natural beauty, adventurous experiences and surprises around every corner. History and legends are etched into the bones of this amazing country, and there is almost too much to do for just one trip. Working out how to experience Norway with such a wealth of things to do can be tough, and picking the best of what it has to offer is tricky. Luckily this is a warm, welcoming and friendly country, and traveling around alone, as a couple or as a family can be a lovely and comfortable undertaking.

For a true flavour of all of Norway’s magic and wonder, there are a few things that you just have to experience. One of the most extraordinary is, of course, the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. The Arctic Circle of Norway is a bizarre and captivating place to visit in its own right, a place where night is day and day is night, but seeing the Northern Lights from Tromsø or the North Cape is genuinely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Visiting Norway without seeing the majestic and jaw-droppingly magnificent fjords would be unthinkable, and luckily they are everywhere, from the far north to just outside Oslo. One of the best places to kick off an adventure up one of these astounding natural wonders are fjords in Bergen. Norway’s second city is a picturesque town worth exploring, and makes a wonderful jumping-off point for exploring western Norway, and some of the most spectacular fjords in the country, including Osterfjorden, Nærøyfjorden and Sognefjorden.

Norway is bursting with wildlife, and one of the wildest and most unspoiled places left in Europe. Moose, bears, wolves, reindeer and musk oxen still roam freely in its deep, dark forests, and you can even see polar bears on the island of Svalbard. For a really mind-blowing experience however, the thing to do is get on a boat and head for the sea. Sperm whales, humpback whales, pilot whales and minke whales are all regular visitors to Norway’s shores, and with luck you’ll even see dolphins and killer whales. Whale watching trips from Vesteralen or Narvik are usually the most extraordinary.

Norway is full of unique, unforgettable experiences, and it can be hard to choose exactly what it is you just have to do. One brilliant option for an unforgettable Norwegian experience means that you don’t have to do anything of the sort! Setting sail and taking a Norwegian cruise, exploring the coast and fjords in luxury and style means that you don’t have to make any difficult decisions, and your trip can take in the best of what Norway has to offer, all at once. This is also a superb option for parents traveling with young children, as a cruise ship gives you access to all the facilities you need to keep an eye on the little ones without having to sacrifice adventure.

A Norwegian holiday will be one full of magic, wonder, and fantastic encounters with the beauty of the natural world. The things you do and see will stay with you for a long time afterwards, so what are you waiting for?

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