Your Guide to a Self Care Night In

As a hard-working person, you likely feel the weight of a long day at work, school, or any extra-curricular events and activities you might be involved in. 

Taking some time to yourself to indulge in rest, relaxation, and self-care is especially important when you work so hard – not only because you deserve it but because without that rest and self-care, it is so difficult to have the energy that you need to keep operating at maximum levels in your daily life. 

Indulging in regular bouts of self-care can go a long way to recharging your batteries and ensuring that you don’t deplete yourself entirely.

 For those who are looking for a built-in guide to a night of self-care, we’ve got some great suggestions for you to make your routines exciting, relaxing, and highly sought after. 

Make Your Own Vegan Masks

One of the most essential self-care routines is tending to your skin each evening and then doing special treatments at least once a week. 

When you work so hard each week and make your face vulnerable to all the toxins that are so much a part of your everyday activities, tending to your facial health is something that should be built into your everyday rituals of self-care. 

By tending to your skin with this consistency, you can ensure that you are keeping your face smooth, supple, and healthy – and ultimately warding off pesky things such as wrinkles, acne, and scars. 

One of the great suggestions is to make your own vegan face mask using a recipe that features only natural items such as cucumbers, mint, lemons, and agave nectar. Each of these recipes is intended to achieve a certain end result, such as cooling, energizing, reinvigorating, and achieving silky smooth skin. 

Invest in Cryotherapy

Now, if you are more of the experimental type, you might be interested in trying out a new kind of therapy that lives at the intersection of technology and traditional wellness strategies. What’s this therapy, you ask?

Cryotherapy is a relatively new whole-body activity that should absolutely be used as part of your self-care process. 

During whole-body cryotherapy, experts plunge your body into the extreme cold (less than -150°F). The benefits of this intense chill? 

While the blood vessels initially constrict at the top end of the therapy, it ultimately promotes a series of physiological changes and healing in the body that include a boost to your white blood cell count, a ramping up of the circulatory system’s productivity, and an increase in the endocrine system that leads to a release of endorphins – otherwise known as the ”feel good” body chemical. 

This wonderful therapy is needed if you are looking for new ways to reinvigorate your energy through a whole-body treatment. 

Ease into the Night with A Drink 

No self-care night is complete without a drink in hand. After a long day, everyone feels better with a relaxing drink while they are resting and then prepping to go through their wellness regimen. 

And we aren’t just talking about fruity or vegetable-based wellness drinks – we are talking about something else entirely! 

One of the great ways to get that process started is to sip away on all-natural and handmade agave spirits, which are distilled in the rolling hills of Santiago, Matatlán in the heartland of mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Not only will you enjoy the taste and how it makes you feel while you are relaxing, but you will relish in the simplicity of its ingredients, being that it is made with hand-selected agave, is gluten-free, carbon-neutral, and a great vegan option.

Spin Sweet Sounds

When relaxing for the evening and getting prepared for your self-care night, you definitely need to set the mood. 

The best way to do this is to kick back with a tasty drink and turn on your preferred tunes. Lately, music lovers are really getting into vintage sounds and products, and what better way to join in this recent trend is by turning on the Sound of Vinyl

Whether it is a solo party or a party with a crew of your favorite people, investing in vinyl is a great way to conjure up that old feeling when sitting back and listening to tunes was self-care in and of itself. 

Pick your favorite collection, put that record on your record player, and sit back and mellow out in beautiful sounds. 

Love Yourself with Soothing Soap 

Whether your self-care night is being spent solo or with your new love, another great way to relax is to treat your body with the highest level of love. 

What better way to do that than by indulging in Valentine’s Day soap on and beyond Valentine’s Day. 

Self-care can also be about showing yourself the ultimate level of love, tenderness and respect. Whether a single soap or a gift set for two, take your soap and calmly apply it to your skin using a bath sponge and let it treat your skin with the ever-loving care that it deserves. 

Once you emerge from the bath with clean, smooth, and supple skin, consider locking in the moisture by using other self-care tools such as a body buffer or cream. Who says romance and love have got to simply be reserved for someone other than yourself?

Cuddle in Softness and Warmth 

For most, one of the best ways to show yourself the highest level of care is rest. 

Whether that is fully falling asleep in your bed, relaxing on your couch while watching television, or sitting outside in your patio furniture looking up at the stars, no restful and cuddly moment is complete without your weighted blanket

More than any other blanket, we recommend those of the weighted variety because they are meticulously made with exceptional craftsmanship, have similar benefits to deep pressure therapy, and can also help with a variety of health and wellness conditions such as autism, ADHD, anxiety, and restlessness that comes as a result of having trouble getting to sleep. 

Take the night off from going out and about to socialize, and give yourself a much-needed self-care night at home to refuel your health and your vitality.