You Missed Your Connecting Flight Due to a Delay, Now What?

It is one thing to miss a flight because you did not give yourself enough time to get to the airport. It is another thing to miss a flight for reasons that you cannot control. One of the most common reasons for missing a flight is if you are late for a connecting flight because of a previous delay. If this happens when traveling through Europe, it is important to understand your EU flight delay compensation rights so that you can get back on your way quickly at no personal cost to you. Here are four things to keep in mind if you miss your connecting flight.

Speak to the Right Person: The first thing that you need to do when you realize that your flight left without you is to find the right person to talk to about the situation. You need to speak with someone who is in a position of authority to book you on the next available flight and put you in touch with how to claim any eligible monetary compensation. As soon as you get off of the flight, be sure to find a gate agent. If they cannot help you right away, they will likely point you toward a customer service representative who is empowered to help you with your delay.

Knowing Your Compensation Options: According to the EU flight delay compensation rights agreement, you are entitled to monetary compensation if you miss your connecting flight and arrive at the final destination more than three hours past your previously scheduled arrival time. The amount of the compensation is based on a formula calculated according to the length of time of the delay and the distance to your destination. This EU flight delay compensation is designed to give you rights as a passenger. The EU flight delay compensation is thanks to the EU 261. Simply put by Travel Refund, “ it was intended to create a system of accessible compensation for flight delays or cancellations, and it continues to keep airlines honest.”

Getting a New Flight: If you are in the middle of a trip when you miss your flight, it is imperative that you get your options sorted out as quickly as possible. Your primary concern at that moment will be getting a new flight. If there are no available flights that day, you may need to wait until the next morning. You may also need to be flexible and take a roundabout series of flights to get to your final destination.

Options for Potential Lodging: If you cannot fly out until the next day, you will need to secure lodging for the night. The airline can help provide direction about the best places to stay. The best idea is to find a hotel located onsite at the airport so that you are close if a seat opens up on a new flight.

The important thing to remember when you miss a flight is to not panic. As long as you keep a clear head and know your rights, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your travel needs will be taken care of swiftly so that you can continue on with your journey.

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