Wonderverse Brings Vtubers To Life At Major Events In 2023

TOKYO, JAPAN – The app Wonderverse is pleased to announce its upcoming appearances at several major events, where they will bring Vtubers to life using their cutting-edge technology. A Vtuber is an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics. This would be as if the Vtubers were there in real time, but instead they are holographically. Attendees and fans will be able to interact with these virtual characters and also have the use of mini games, activities and easter eggs similar to the game Pokemon Go. Instead it is with the use of the Wonderverse app, which is available for download on both Android and IOS devices.

Wonderverse will be present at the Cybersakura event hosted by Series AI on April 29th. You can create your own AI to talk back and forth with these Vtubers, and also do different activities to get more familiar with the app. They will be showcasing three Vtubers, including Pipkin Pippa, AmanogawaShiina, and Liliana Vampaia on the ship in which these events occur within the app. These virtual characters will also be available on the Wonderverse app for users to interact with as AI companions, which allows the users to explore hyper-realistic versions of themselves and of their idols.
Wonderverse will be attending the anime fest plus sub-event of Comicfiesta, where they will bring Liliana Vampaia to life. This event will take place on a date yet to be confirmed, but updates will be provided on social media.

From April up until June 16th, Wonderverse will be partnering with the Wonderverse program, a co-branding initiative that enables Vtubers to create AR content with ease. Some Vtubers with large followings have already signed agreements with Wonderverse, including Phase-Connect, MyholoTV, Kawa Entertainment, and PunkaLopi. Wonderverse will announce these virtual characters’ appearances throughout mid-April to May, and they will also be available on the Wonderverse app for users to interact with as AI companions.

From June 16th to 18th, Wonderverse will host the Wonderverse Stage at Offkai Expo 2023, where Vtubers will be on stage interacting with fans using Wonderverse technology. All Vtubers in the Wonderverse program will have a stage segment, and attendees at the expo and all online viewers of the live stream will be able to download the Wonderverse app, where they will be able to interact with these virtual characters as AI companions.

In addition to these events, Wonderverse is also collaborating with several department stores to bring AI companion kiosk machines into them, powered by Wonderverse. This exciting new development will be announced in July and August. Furthermore, Wonderverse is in talks with many large Japanese anime companies to create new AI companions, which may be announced later in the year. For more information please contact [email protected].

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