Wondering How to Teach Math to Toddlers? Here Are 8 Easy Toddler Math Entertaining Activities

Children can understand the relations between an object and a numeral at a very early age. They develop mathematical concepts and skills through everyday activities and experiences.  

However, your toddler will likely need extra math help to learn more elaborated skills and concepts and prepare for school. But worry not, we’ve prepared the most entertaining toddler math activities to make learning fun and easy. 

Count and Sort

Learning to count is the simplest way to introduce mathematical concepts to toddlers. You can start by counting fingers and toes, but you can also make it more fun by counting small toys, buttons, pennies, or shells. Additionally, you can sort the objects based on size, colors, and what they do and then count the objects in each group. This will expand the thought process as the child will realize that the objects don’t have to be identical to be important in math. 

Connect the Dots

Connecting the dots can help your toddler understand number sequencing. You can use simple coloring books or printables with Connect the Dots exercises. In addition to assisting them in learning number sequences, these exercises can help them improve attention and develop hand-eye coordination.

Identify Shapes

Another easy math toddler activity is to identify the shapes around you. You can simply talk to your children about the shapes you see around. For example, you can point to a door and say, “Look, the door on the house is a yellow rectangle.” This activity can help the toddler develop a spatial sense which would give them an awareness of themselves in relation to the people and objects around them. 

Teach them Spatial Relationships

You can play simple games to teach your kid spatial relations during your everyday activities. For example, one simple game is to ask them to walk towards you when you say “near” and walk backward when you say “far.” In addition, you can expand the activity by asking them to go under the table or climb over the chair. What is more, you can teach them about volume and quantity by tasking them to fill cups with water and transfer them from one to another cup. 

Compare Sizes

You can start teaching your toddler size at home by asking them to gather the stuffed animals and line them up from largest to smallest. Additionally, you can have this activity when going outdoors together. You can point to objects and specify if one thing is bigger or smaller than the other. Then, you can ask your child to do the same. This will help them build upon their spatial sense and reinforce their measurement skills. 

Play with Blocks

Construction play will help your child understand the relationship between objects of different sizes. Additionally, they will learn about other essential mathematics concepts, including symmetry, estimation, and balance. You can use plastic or wooden blocks, empty boxes and cartons, and more. Stack and manipulate the blocks together to construct different forms. Talk to them throughout the process and ask questions that can support their mathematical learning.

Teach Math

Introduce Adding & Subtracting 

The most entertaining way to introduce the concepts of adding and subtracting to toddlers is in the kitchen. You can prepare snacks together and talk them through the process while introducing the concepts of adding and subtracting. For example, add one egg and ask them how many you’ll have if you add another one. Or, have three cookies and give them one to eat. Then ask them how many cookies you have left. 

Teach them Fractions 

You can use cookie dough to teach them fractions. Give them a plastic knife and have them cut a cookie into eights, fourths, and halves. Additionally, you can teach them how to add and subtract fractions. For example, two halves of a cookie make a whole, and two-fourths make a half. Seeing the fractions visually will help them understand the concepts easier. 

Final Words

Introducing maths to your toddler doesn’t have to be complicated. There are numerous easy toddler math entertaining activities that will help them learn without noticing it. Beyond the activities we mentioned, you can start incorporating math everywhere and make it a daily activity. Don’t forget to set simple goals they can achieve and reward them when they master something.