Wonder What To Do With Those Extra Hangers? Here Are 20 Ideas You’re Going to Love

Exactly what you needed. These ideas for hangers are just awesome. You won’t feel the need to go to the nearest furniture store to search for these decorative hangers.I call them decorative because you can hang whatever you want on them. There are plenty of ideas you’ll find here

I call them decorative because you can hang whatever you want on them. There are plenty of ideas you’ll find here.

Even if you don’t need hangers in your life now. After you see these awesome ideas, you will feel the need that your home would suit a decorative hanger like this.

The process of making these DIYs is really simple and easy. You will probably need your husband to help you, but that won’t be a problem.


Let’s go.

1.  Paint Hangar Picture Frame

pant hangar picture frame

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2. Plant Hanger


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3. Organizing Scrapbook Supplies


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4. Homemade Drain Snake

Homemade Drain Snake

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5. Laptop Stand Built Using an Upcycled Coat Hanger

Laptop Stand

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6. Wire Hanger Topiary


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7. Hat Organizer

hat 1

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8. Coat Hanger Fruit Bowl

Coat hanger fruit bowl

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9. Hanging Magazine Holder

magazine holder

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10. Upcycled Vase Stand



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11. Old Hanger Votive


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12. Easy DIY Cat Tent


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13. Coat Hanger Dish Drain

Coat Hanger Dish Drain

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14. Coat Hanger Jewelry Organizer

Coat Hanger Jewelry Organizer

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15. Unexpected Chip Clips

Unexpected Chip Clips

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16. Flip Flop Hanger


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17.Cheap Shoe Storage in 1 Minute

Cheap Shoe Storage in 1 Minute

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18. Clever Coat Rack

Unique Coat Rack

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19. Scarf Organizer

Scarf Organizer

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20. Fabric Birdcage for Spring

Fabric Birdcage for Spring

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