Will a Tummy Tuck Give Me Back My Pre-Pregnancy Tummy?

Pregnancy can be an amazing experience. There’s nothing like watching the wonderful things that your body is capable of, as your belly grows. But that very same belly often struggles to return to the smooth and flat belly that you once had once the baby has been born.

Even with a healthy workout routine and a great healthy diet, there is nothing that can done about extra loose skin on your tummy. No amount of targeted exercise is going to snap that skin back.

Whether you’ve got extra skin as the result of a pregnancy or because you’ve lost a lot of weight, you’ll find that a tummy tuck is one of the best ways that you can restore a taut tummy.

What is a tummy tuck?

The abdominoplasty procedure, or tummy tuck, is a popular cosmetic procedure requested by women after childbirth. Pregnancy can result in stretched skin that doesn’t retract after birth. It can also lead to a separation of the abdominal muscles. This will result in an outward bulge of the stomach, even for a woman who is in otherwise really great shape.

There is no non-surgical treatment or workout plan that can resolve excess and permanently stretched skin.

The tummy tuck procedure works by tightening the muscles that provide support for the tummy. Excess skin can also be removed during the procedure.

How soon after childbirth can I have the procedure?

Pregnancy takes a toll on even the healthiest of bodies. According to Dr. Perron plastic surgery should be delayed for a year after childbirth. This will allow the muscles and skin to recover from the trauma of pregnancy and childbirth.

What happens if I get pregnant again after surgery?

In an ideal world, women would put off having a tummy tuck procedure until they have completed growing their family. It’s not considered to be dangerous to have another baby after you’ve undergone a tummy tuck. However, the work done by the surgeon could be undone by the expanding caused by the pregnancy.

Many women opt to have a tubal ligation done at the same time as they undergo a tummy tuck procedure.

Do I qualify as a candidate for a tummy tuck?

The tummy tuck procedure is a major surgery. To be considered a good candidate for this procedure, you should be in good physical health. You should also ensure that you have been at a steady and stable weight for several months. Maintaining a healthy weight is a key part of ensuring that you get the best in results from the abdominoplasty procedure.

Be sure that you have help with your children, especially if they are younger. After the surgery you will experience discomfort and even pain if you overexert yourself. You won’t be able to lift anything heavy for up to six weeks, which does include a baby and young child.

Be sure to discuss your realistic cosmetic goals with your surgeon. The tummy tuck procedure is not the right choice for those who are not at a healthy weight. It cannot reduce belly fat, and is targeted to those who have excess skin. Rather first embark on a healthy diet and workout program to get the results that you are looking for.

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