Why You Should Use Imagery in Blogs

Using photos across your blog content is a great way to keep your audience engaged whilst boosting the views of your blog posts. Like most articles and blogs, it is now very typical to find a complimentary image to go alongside it. These are put in place to benefit both the reader and the writer or organisation. Clickasnap think blogs should always include a piece of imagery, here is why.  

Keep Your Blog Interesting to Read

Photos help keep the accompanying blog content interesting to read. Having a few images across the blog post will not only make the page more interesting to look at but could also act as extra information for your readers. As part of your blog, you could even include images of your products or services to direct new readers to products, services, or contact pages on your site. Remember not to go crazy with the images, one or two is plenty in keeping your blog an interesting piece to read. 

Break Up Large Blocks of Text 

Images are a great way to break up large chunks of text, which can easily lead a reader to click away from a page. In this digital world, audiences look for things to entice them in, block text is not going to do this. Instead, inserting an image or two into your blog will capture their attention and make them curious to read more. This image could be simply decorative or inserted within the text to further explain a point. Either way the reader will be more likely to stay on the page and read the blog in its entirety. 

Increase Your Blog Views 

It is a proven fact that blogs with images see more views than those without. So, what is stopping you? Although an image does make a page look ‘pretty’, the main purpose of an image on a blog post is the increase in views it will gain. Research suggests a blog containing at least one image will see 94% more views than one without! This is a great, simple method to increase your views, in turn increasing site engagement. Ensuring your content marketing strategy is productive in achieving the overall targets set for your site.  

Where to find Images for Your Blog Posts

With these benefits in mind, where should you be sourcing these images? With the web full of content from professional photographers to amateur smartphone pics, the perfect picture may not be as simple to find as you may think. 

It is important to note, you cannot just use any image you find on google. You must be aware of the copyright rules when it comes to using images on your site and blog. 

A simple way to source images for your blogs is to pay for a license to buy images on image hosting sites where photographers can upload and share their photos with you. These sites work to benefit you, as you will have access to a wide range of high-quality images to use across your content. The photographer or creator of the image will receive a royalty fee in return for use of their image. With many image hosting sites available on the web, keeping your blog content interesting and engaging is as easy as ever!