Why You Should Use CBD For Arthritis Pain

What are the benefits of CBD? Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is known to help relieve arthritis pain. Are there side effects that are associated with CBD? Well, these are some of the common questions that people may have before they decide to use CBD oil for their pain. However, many people have used and benefited from CBD For Arthritis Pain. As such, you need not worry too much about this issue. You can also decide to do more research online and get to understand the uses and benefits of using CBD oil.

So, what is CBD oil?

Simply put, CBD oil is an extract from the cannabis plant. With CBD oil, you will not get the “high” feeling that comes with the use of other cannabinoids. Unlike THC, CBD oil will not affect that same receptor in the body. This makes it easy for one to use for their pains.

With the many available types of CBD oil products, what one needs to be aware of is the fact that the amount of CBD in these products varies. Because there are many arguments on the uses and efficacy of CBD oil, there have been a lot of conflicts on the medicinal use of CBD. As such, many of these products have had to undergo stringent scrutiny to ascertain their use and benefits.

CBD Use for arthritis pain

In the United States, arthritis is a known cause of disability. It affects more than 58.5 million people and for this reason, many people have been using this product for the relief of arthritis pain. There are two types of arthritis pain. These are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. With rheumatoid arthritis, the victim suffers inflammation that causes pain in the joints. The joints become swollen, painful, and stiff.

With osteoarthritis, the joint cartilages and bones are affected and they become stiff and painful. This kind of condition normally affects thumb joints, knees, and the hip.

There is evidence from the Arthritis Foundation that some people who suffer from the above two types of arthritis have had pain relief after they used CBD oil. This oil has made them reduce anxiety and improve sleep. However, without having done rigorous studies, the Foundation urges FDA to regulate the use of CBD oil after studying CBD products.

Use of CBD to treat chronic pain

There has been evidence that cannabinoids relieve chronic pain because of the manner they interact with pain receptors and inflammation receptors. As such, chronic pains such as those associated with arthritis have been controlled. The manner the receptors respond to the pain is what scientists believe influences the reduction of pain and inflammation.

Another reason you can use CBD oil for arthritis pain is that there is research done by NICHT that states there are modest benefits of using cannabis or CBD for chronic pain such as arthritis. Most of this research has concentrated on nerve-related or neuropathic pain in human beings. The effects of the above pain relief are said to be effective in specific conditions.

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash