Why You Should Take Fish Oil Pills

Most countries have their signature way of preparing fish as a delicacy. The pompano en papillote of the United States, ceviche of Peru, fish escabeche in Spain and the Philippines, and sushi of Japan are just some of the famous fish dishes on the planet. Whether they are cooked, grilled, cured via marination, smoked, or uncooked, fish is a good source of energy. It is also high in protein and vitamins, which is why there is a clamor for both raw and fish-related products such as fish oil pills.

Those who are non-red-meat eaters swear on the nutritional value of a fish. But it is a fact that not all people will eat it every day, which is why taking fish oil pills is essential. Aside from protein content, its fat or oil is valuable and a key ingredient in most fish supplements. They extract omega-3 from the tissue or other parts of the fish. The essential oil has eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and docosapentaenoic acid (DPA). Aside from scientifically-proven brain health benefits, there are many other benefits, some of which are as follows.

Supports a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is a literal killer with statistics showing it to be the leading reason for death across the globe. But studies prove that those who either eat a lot of fish or take fish oil supplements every day have a lower risk of developing heart ailments. It can increase levels of good cholesterol and reduce blood pressure and triglycerides. Omega-3, in particular, prevents the clumping of blood platelets, which diminishes the formation of dangerous blood clots. Fish oil also prevents the hardening of the arteries and lessens the risk of developing more arterial plaque.

Better Bone Health

As a person grows older, bones begin to lose strength. When a bone breaks down, it can quickly develop bone disease. The likelihood of breakage is high, which can lead to bone conditions such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. A higher intake of omega-3 and vitamin D – both found in fish oil – is beneficial for better bone health maintenance. It lowers the chances of advanced bone breakdown.

Maintains Joint Health

Aging is normal. But pain due to arthritis and other joint illnesses can be prevented via regular intake of fish oil. Omega-3 studies show that bone strength is improved, and it also reduces arthritis-related pain. It also strengthens a weakening grip, which is a good indicator of a low risk of osteoarthritis.

Relieves Neuropathic Pain

Nerve pain is a clear and present danger for any age group. The agony happens when nerves are inflamed or damaged. Fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties that give relief to muscle soreness and nerve pain. A study showed that it has the potential of treatment for diabetic neuropathy and stimulate neurons.

A Weight-Loss Aid

There is no sure-fire weight loss miracle supplement. But combined with diet and exercise, fish oil supplements showed that it improves the body composition of obese people. It helps reduce the circumference of your waist, which is a good sign of healthy loss of excess weight.

While eating fish as a whole food is best, ingesting it every day is not usually possible. Those who have a fish allergy may also have a problem with the real thing. So the best way to get your daily dose of safe fish oil is via supplementation.


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