Why You Should STOP Eating Addictive “Pringles” Chips

These addictive Pringles chips are something, right? They get along with friends perfectly, but did you know that there is no potato in there?

I know, I know. They are called potato chips. Even though they taste like over-baked potatoes, the Pringles are hardly made from one.

Okay, what’s in there?

It was long ago when the Pringles company went into a legal dispute with the authorities in the UK. To avoid taxes on luxury foods, they revealed that the potato content in the chips is low.

Technically speaking, there is not even real potato there!

The whole process of making these delicious but addictive Pringles chips starts with rice, corn, wheat, and potato flakes pressed into shape.

Why You Should STOP Eating Addictive “Pringles” Chips
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These ingredients go into individual machines that create the dough-like substance which is rolled into a thin sheet prepared for the machine to cut them into chips.

From here, the chips go through a conveyor belt and move directly into a boiling oil to fry.

The final stage is drying and spraying the chips with flavors and stacking them into the can you see on the shelves.

Where is the Danger in the Addictive Pringles Chips?

The danger hides in the chemicals. There is a chemical called acrylamide.

Scientists say that it’s a cancer-causing chemical with a strong potential for creating more neurotoxic chemicals when undergoes the high cooking temperatures.

And yes, you can find this chemical in chips.

To confirm the danger of this chemical, there is a report from 2005. Companies know that their chips exceed the allowed limit of acrylamide and still produce it.

Why You Should STOP Eating Addictive “Pringles” Chips
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If you want to know specific numbers, let me make a comparison. The limit for acrylamide in water is somewhere near 0.12 micrograms in 8-ounce glass of drinking water.

The potato chips contain 29 to 910 times more than that.

Can you do the math?

It’s scarier that it seems.

What happens with higher levels of acrylamide?

Neurological damage. That’s what happens. By exposing yourself to Pringles and other “potato” chips increases the chance of developing several types of cancer.

And that’s not it.

All foods cooked under a temperature higher than 120 degrees Celsius can include many eat induced toxins.

Read “Heat-Generated Food Toxicants” for more.

Furthermore, check this video and some things could become clearer.

Now, you can make your chips. Don’t fry them, though. You can always bake the potatoes.

Here is a recipe you can follow:

Why You Should STOP Eating Addictive “Pringles” Chips

Don’t forget to warn your friends about these addictive Pringles chips.

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They want to know everything about it!


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