Why You Should Give Your Kid a Prepaid Cellphone

These days, it seems like every kid has their own cell phone. What was once a luxury item has become a standard possession. This can be frustrating for parents who watch their bills soar as their children spend more and more time online. While there’s no denying the convenience of being able to get in touch with your kids, there’s no reason you have to buy them a standard contract phone. Prepaid phones work just as well for emergencies, and they eliminate a lot of the problems associated with children’s cell phone usage. Here are the top five reasons why you should give your kid a prepaid phone.

Save Money

When given carte blanche with a contract phone, your child is likely to rack up some serious charges. They’ll spend hours surfing the internet, scrolling through social media, and chatting with their friends. All those texts, calls, and megabytes of data don’t come cheap. Your cell phone bills are likely to go through the roof once you add your child to the plan.

Prepaid phones, on the other hand, allow you to strictly control how much your child spends on their cell phone usage. By buying a modest amount of messages and data every month, you’ll help keep their expenditure within your budget.

Cut Down On Screen Time

With unlimited data, your child is liable to waste hours every day engaging in frivolous online activity. From silly cat videos to social media feeds, the internet never has a shortage of entertaining time-wasters. If your child becomes addicted to their cell phone, then they’re likely to fritter away their younger years without even realizing all that they’re missing out on.

Having your child use a prepaid phone will force them to cut down on their monthly screen time. By giving them back the time they otherwise might have wasted, you’re sure to change their childhood for the better.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

When a child is allowed to play on their phone all day, they’re more likely to stay indoors. All those hours cooped up in their bedroom will make it harder to get exercise and take away from their quality of life. In the worst cases, it can even cause or exacerbate depression.

With a prepaid phone limiting their total screen time, your child will be forced to find more authentic forms of entertainment outside. This will help them stay healthier, both mentally and physically.

Encourage Face-To-Face Interactions

Today’s kids spend so much time online that they’re not learning the same social skills as previous generations. If your child becomes used to interacting with peers from behind a screen, they might struggle to build the social intelligence necessary for more intimate interpersonal relationships.

Giving your child a prepaid phone with limited data forces them to go out into the real world to interact with their friends. Over time, this is bound to help them develop a stronger persona. The advantages they gain from improving their social skills will benefit them for the rest of their days.

Improve Child’s Sleep Schedule

When children spend hours on their phone right before bed, they often find it more difficult to fall asleep. This ruins their sleep patterns and makes them drowsy the next day at school.

With their prepaid phone limiting their total screen time, your child will find it easier to develop a sound sleep schedule. The added rest will benefit them in every aspect of life. After waking up refreshed every morning, they’ll be ready to tackle whatever the day throws at them.