Why you should always ask- Are coffee makers bpa free?

Are you a coffeeholic? Yes, then your kitchen must have a coffee maker because your whole day revolves around a hot and fresh cup of coffee. A coffee cup at the start of the day keeps you fresh and energetic for the whole day. It’s healthy, of course, but, are coffer makers bpa free? Don’t know then you should because a recent study has shown that your coffee mug may contain toxic that comes from the plastic parts of a coffee machine. Most of us don’t know about this fact, therefore, we don’t focus much on BPA free makers. This is, however, something more concerning as it degrades your health. So, this is a guide where you will learn about BPA and how to select a maker that is BPA free.

BPA- what is it and concerns related to it?

Plastic industries have been using BPA or Bisphenol A to produce certain plastics for food and beverages storing containers and more. Epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics contain BPA that is used to coat the food cans, water supply lines, and bottle tops. As per researches, it is found that the use of BPA in food or beverage containers have severe health effects. It affects the brain, children’s behavior and gland of fetuses. Moreover, there is an additional effect is shown on blood pressure levels.

On the other hand, low BPA levels are safe which means if your coffee maker is made from low BPA plastic or is completely BPA free then you can safely use it. This three-letter word BPA is more dangerous than you have thought and it is even more harmful when you drink coffee brewed in it.

BPA harms immunity, reproductive and causes neurological problems, childhood asthma, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and even Alzheimer. It does have serious health issues when used in the coffee maker. Why? It is because the bond of this chemical compound gets broken when heated. It means you are consuming BPA while enjoying a hot and fresh coffee without even knowing it.

The serious side effects include infertility, cancer, weight problems, diabetes, and heart diseases. Therefore, always ask before buying that- are coffee makers bpa free?

How to buy your next coffee maker?

Now, when you know that your coffee machine isn’t right for your health you may think of avoiding coffee. This isn’t a solution instead buy BPA free makers. However, this time buying a new machine is a big decision than earlier. Drip type and single brew machine come with BPA free specification but with these tips, you can make a wise choice.

  • Hard plastic-avoid the maker made of hard plastic as polycarbonate is used to manufacture it.
  • Number 7- check for “PC” or “7” at the bottom as it indicates the use of polycarbonate in the coffee maker.

However, not all makers having these numbers are made of BPA. These numbers only refer to the category in which they fall therefore always check for additional information.

Other buying considerations-

Once you have checked that they are free from BPA then follow the other considerations as well.

1. Number of coffee cups

Your buying selection should depend on several servings you have in a day. The single-serving machine is good for those who barely drink more than one cup. If you are truly coffeeholic then buy the biggest pot that can serve you more cups in a day.

2. Special features

An automatic machine is an ideal choice if you are lazy enough to go to the kitchen and make your coffee. Set the machine at night and enjoy the fresh brew. Look for a machine that shuts off automatically as you don’t have to rush to the kitchen to check whether it is turn off or not.

3. Easy to clean

An ideal machine is one that easily fits your lifestyle and of course, the kitchen. Moreover, it should be easy to clean in the dishwasher rather than hand-washed. Cleaning is a tough task especially for coffee lovers as you will need your cup all day which means you have to clean it multiple times. Therefore, check for a coffee maker that can be cleaned easily.

4. Brewing temperature

196-205 degree F is an ideal temperature for brewing coffee. So, check the temperature range as a machine should be able to heat your coffee to that high temperature to give you a good taste. The temperature info is given on the machine itself. However, if you are buying online then must check the specifications.

5. Check the carafe

A glass or stainless steel, what to choose? When selecting a carfare there is more than the visibility aspect. No doubt that glass pots allow you to see the brewing but also spread the aroma to the whole kitchen. However, your coffee will be kept warm for less than half an hour in a glass pot whereas a stainless pot will keep it warms for an hour. On the other hand, a thermal pot will need hand cleaning whereas you can wash glass pot in the dishwasher.

Buy a coffee maker that fits your habits

  • Are coffee makers bpa free? Of course, that’s the first question you should ask the seller but other than that you need a machine that fits your brewing style. Several varieties are available in the marketplace such as single-serve pod, manual drip system and more.
  • Dripstyle is a common coffee maker that is the fully automatic machine which can easily reach to brewing temperature in 5-6 minutes.
  • A single-serve style is a handy machine with pods however they are expensive as you have to buy coffee refills for it.
  • Cold-brew style can serve you both hot and cold coffee. You can even use in the kitchen or put in fridge for 12-24 hours to enjoy a cold chilled coffee. The brewing time is up to 45 minutes which usually depends on the model you choose.
  • 1-2 mug style makers are both single-serve or pod models.

Choose a coffee maker that fits your budget but don’t forget to ask the seller about- are coffee makers bpa free?

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