Why You Need Silk Pillowcases

What makes the nice little additions to your home worth it? The colors, complementarity, and many more. The bedroom is also a room in the house that deserves to be pimped up and kept neat always.  You can achieve these by keeping certain items as mattresses and pillows covered. These coverings help prolong their longevity and keep them clean, free from stains, dead skin cells, dust, and whatnot. Beddings also add to the physical appeal of a room.  

Perhaps you do not consider the specifics of your beddings, like the pillowcases fabrics and their benefits – if any.  If you’re reading this, it means you’re ready for a change. 

We know just where you should start from – the pillowcases. 

 Trust that at the end of this article, you’d have no choice but to go for only silk pillowcases. 

Want to find out why you need silk pillowcases? 

Read till the end. 

Where Does Silk Come From? 

We know cotton comes from cotton plants but do you wonder where the primary producers of the exquisite fiber of silk are? 

Although different insect larvae now produce silk, the best-known silks come from the cocoons of the bombyx species of mulberry silkworm caterpillars.  Silkworms are known to spin hundreds of meters of threads of cocoons that reveal the silk fiber when boiled and unwound.  Silk from mulberry silkworms is portentous fibers that essentially contain fibroin. 

3 Tips for Caring for Silk Pillowcases 

It’s one thing getting some silk pillowcases, and it is another thing knowing how to care for and maintain them. Some silk pieces come with factory-instructive ways to wash and care for them. Nonetheless, these tips will help you keep your pillowcases (and, by extension, any other silk item you have) in good shape at all times. 

  1. Mild washing only

When washing or cleaning your removable silk pillowcase, choose mild over intense. Soak for no more than five minutes in cold water and mild detergent or delicate laundry soap before hand washing. 

Always rinse in cold water and never squeeze too hard. Instead, very gently, wriggle out the excess water using a towel. 

Machine-wash only if the label instructs machine-washing. Use only the low-temperature delicate-washing options on your machine 

  1. Do not spot treat

Spot washing can cause a difference in color from the rest of the fabric, which can ruin color uniformity. So handle your silk with care and avoid spilling or soiling. But if, unfortunately, it gets stained, then wash the entire piece. 

  1. Dry Naturally

Avoid machine drying or any source of electrical drying. In straightforward terms, keep your silk pillowcases away from the dryer. Dry by hanging out or laying flat on a towel.  Also, avoid drying under direct sunlight or risk fading the color and damaging the fiber. 

  1. Cool ironing

Silk is quite a delicate material and doesn’t need high heat to straighten out. Perhaps washing gets it a little wrinkled and out of shape; you can gently straighten out your silk pillowcase by ironing it before covering your pillow with it. However, if the label prohibits ironing of any sort, then keep the heat away from your silk. 

Why Silk Pillowcases? 

 Smooth surface, a slick feel, and an overall loveable nature, silk definitely has more than a few benefits to its name.  Fashion cults swear by silk, and beauty gurus claim it’s a must-have for skin and hair care. 

Here are some reasons why you should choose silk pillowcases:  

  1. Controls hair frizz

Suppose you maintain an afro kink hair or are big into wearing your natural hair. In that case, you know that sleeping with a silk hair covering is non-negotiable. As an alternative, a silk pillowcase will also work the same magic. Unlike other fabrics, silk helps to retain moisture, leaving your hair moisturized and frizz-free when you wake up in the morning. 

  1. Aesthetics 

Silk is undoubtedly a beautiful kind of fabric and will add to the aesthetics of your home. In addition, it’s an easy form of décor for your living room or bedroom. One way to incorporate silk into your home décor is by getting beautiful silk pillow covers. Coupled with all the other benefits, you will also have some luxurious colored bedding, which is a must-have. 

  1. Classy and luxurious

Silk is an all-around luxurious fabric. The best dinner dresses come in silk, and the sexiest lingeries are made from silk or silk-like materials. The same goes for silk beddings like silk pillowcases. What’s more? They come in different rich colors, and a blend of silk in varying shades makes a stunning sight. 

  1. Skin Friendly

Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk offers a smoother surface for your skin. This is ideal, especially if you have acne-prone skin or have sensitive skin. Also, because silk absorbs minimal moisture and dirt from your skin and hair, you can trust your skin to maintain its level of healthiness after a lovely time sleeping at night. 

  1. Long-lasting

With the proper care, your silk can last a while.  A silk pillowcase is a timeless piece that will serve you for a long time even as you take steps to promote the material’s longevity. This brings us to groundbreaking tips on how to care for your silk. 

So you know all the reasons why you need silk pillowcases, and even more, and you can’t wait to get your hands on one, two, or more silk pillowcases for yourself and others (yes, spread the word to your loved ones). The next challenging thing is the ideal place to get 100% silk pillowcases. 

It’s easy to purchase silk-like pillowcases and faux pieces in an honest but mistaken belief that you’re getting the real deal or perhaps to save cost.  Save yourself the trouble by going for only silk pillowcases of top quality, as they will serve you for as long as you intend to use them.  

In no time, you might catch the silk fever and go for silk home fabrics. You are welcome!