Why You Need CoQ10 In Your Life

In a world where we still are all needing to take extra precaution in protecting ourselves against a global pandemic, anything wellness related that can help us out is certainly something of interest!

This brings us to the topic we want to discuss today—CoQ10 supplements.

CoQ10 stands for Coenzyme 10, which is essentially a compound our body produces naturally to aid our cells in being energized and strong. But while our body is designed to increase this compound on its own, our body’s ability to maintain making it decreases as we get older.

But no matter how old we get, we need CoQ10 in our lives! That is why having things like CoQ10 supplements is such an exciting thing for the health and wellness world, as it is a way in which we can still help our body remain energized and operating functionally!

Just to further prove our point, here are our top reasons why you need CoQ10 in your life.

  1. CoQ10 protects your heart

One of the biggest threats to human life is heart failure. There is a range of heart risks we as humans can face, which range from heart disease to things like high blood pressure. When our heart is not able to function properly, the rest of our body is also at risk of being compromised. This is where CoQ10 comes in to play—as studies are showing that those with CoQ10 supplements added to their routine are less at risk for heart failure or complications, as it is able to help lower any oxidative damage that can lead to heart problems.

  1. CoQ10 can help you get pregnant

Struggles with getting pregnant have never been higher than it is today. Women all over the world are seeking ways to increase their fertility, and CoQ10 may just be the answer to that! CoQ10 is actually a key component in the fertility process and a reason why the older a woman is the harder it is to become pregnant—as with more age means less CoQ10 produced naturally! A CoQ10 supplement can actually help improve the quality of both sperm and eggs!

  1. CoQ10 helps your skin look great

As we get older, one of the most apparent changes in the quality of our skin. And, you guessed it, a lack of naturally produced CoQ10 has a role to play in that! When we take CoQ10 supplements, we are enabling our skin to reverse any pre-existing damage and revitalize our skin cells!

  1. CoQ10 can help with headaches

A bit of science geekiness for you—CoQ10 lives in our mitochondria, which plays a key role in energizing our brain cells. When we get migraines, our brain cells have weakened and can be caused by a natural decline of CoQ10! So the supplement route helps our brains get the energy they need to prevent headaches from ruining our day.

  1. CoQ10 helps with muscle performance

A ton of studies is showing that CoQ10 is a key part of maximizing muscle performance—which is especially important to athletes. CoQ10 supplements are able to send more energy to your muscle cells, and in turn, enhance athletic performance! When your muscles are not feeling fatigued, imagine the things you could achieve! And that’s why younger athletes tend to not feel muscle fatigue as much as older athletes, as the older we get the less our body can naturally produce.

These five reasons are just the beginning of why you need CoQ10 in your life! As we age, you can substitute what your body has naturally lost with CoQ10 supplements and revitalize your energy and enjoy life more!


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