Why Women are Swapping out their Melatonin for Juna World’s Holy Grail Sleep Drops

A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a healthy life. However, increasing pollution levels, workplace stress, hyper-competitive environment, and unhealthy food habits make it difficult to get restful sleep every night. This problem has become so big that the medical and pharma industry are spending billions of dollars every year to find a cure for sleep disorders. In fact, The CDC states that “About 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. Sleep problems are major contributors to some chronic conditions, including obesity and depression but are rarely addressed.” From an increase in injuries, domestic violence, increased health care costs, to road accidents to even suicides caused by depression, a whole range of disturbing trends can be linked directly to lack of sleep.

As more and more people begin to rely on medicinal supplements to enhance or normalize their sleep patterns, new problems as severe as dementia are arising due to the side effects of these drugs. A Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs analysis found prescription sleep aids like Ambien and Lunesta may only add as little as 8 minutes of additional sleep per night and more prescription sleep aids and OTC solutions are being linked to long-term neural damage, addiction, and rebound insomnia. In addition, MIT scientists found even the lowest dose of melatonin leads to higher circulating levels of melatonin throughout the body the following day that further disrupts users’ circadian rhythms, creating a hangover effect.

As dependency on dangerous sleep aids becomes more complex, one company decided to address it head-on to bring a natural and 100% plant-powered solution to the market that provides healthy, long-term benefits.

Juna World creates all-natural, science-backed solutions to address the many modern ailments plaguing our societies today like poor sleep! Started by two mothers, the company focuses on building its products to meet the needs of modern women.

Juna World’s sleep drops, Nightcap, is a best-seller from the company’s product line that has captured the attention of many high-profile businesswomen who swear by the product’s efficacy. In fact, an impressive 91% of Juna’s Nightcap users report deeper sleep and lowered stress levels. Lauren, a verified buyer stated “I’ve been taking Melatonin every night for 15 years and it’s wreaked havoc on my serotonin production, hormones, and made it impossible for me to fall asleep on my own. Juna’s Nightcap drops are the only thing that’s worked for me. So happy and well-rested I could cry happy tears.”.

While another buyer mentioned “I was having a hard time getting to sleep and this oil changed everything! It is very gentle and relaxing and doesn’t give me crazy dreams like melatonin sometimes does, or leave me waking up groggy. I absolutely recommend it! Tastes good too!”.

Unlike other similar products in the market today, Juna’s sleep drops are USDA organic, non-habit forming, made entirely from plants, contain zero melatonin, and are science-backed to help increase level 3 deep sleep. As a result, in recent months, the market has seen a huge exodus of customers moving from other chemical-based products to Juna World’s natural and herbal sleep solutions.

Customers using Juna World’s sleep drops find the product to be effective in inducing deep sleep that leaves them refreshed and energetic in the morning. Recent tests conducted on other brand products have shown that these products only add 8 to 20 minutes of sleep. However, Juna World’s sleep drop range ensures a deep and dreamless sleep throughout the night.

As the world gets more interconnected, time zones are getting blurred, blue light exposure expands, causing people to stay up at night for work. Light pollution and eye fatigue caused by long hours of exposure to computer and mobile phone screens are interfering and disturbing a normal and healthy sleep routine. Juna World’s Nightcap sleep drops have become a great, natural alternative for helping those in need of solid sleep.

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