Why White Teeth Change Color And The Reasons To Change Them Back

Baby teeth and newly grown adult teeth start out purely white in color, but as age progresses, the enamel wears with use, becoming translucent resulting in a darker color appearing almost yellowish. Other contributing factors include foods and drinks that are high sugar content or are acidic in nature with staining properties like “polyphenols” or “tannins” that discolor teeth when indulged in regularly. Smoking or chewing tobacco also has the capacity to stain.

The Color Of Your Teeth Speaks For You

Despite what you may see glamorized in the celebrity community with mesmerizing pearly teeth, the natural process is for these to darken as you age. The inner, tough part of a tooth known as dentin determines the color. With age, the thin, outside layer or enamel can also affect appearance as does genetics and the food in which you indulge.

The color speaks volumes when you smile or speak as this is the first impression when meeting someone. Most people strive to maintain the whitest appearance for as long as they possibly can because this is the most appealing presentation. But white and healthy aren’t the same thing.

  • White: The color is whitest when you’re young and developing. A baby has the brightest smile. This is not due to the fact that they don’t have staining drinks like teas or coffees but rather because their primaries have more calcification than the permanent version does.

Also, a baby’s dentin is nearly white, so there is minimal color seen through the enamel which is translucent in nature.

  • Light Yellow Or Gray: When adult replacements come in to take over where the originals were, you’ll see the color has faded to a degree. Permanents are naturally a shade deeper than the baby version due to the structure of the dentin because dentin has a more significant impact on the adult replacements’’ color.

As you get older the dentin will become darker and more visible through the enamel giving a grayish or yellow appearance.

  • Yellow: The dentin grows darker and more yellow the older you become, but typically, the yellow is more prominent due to the enamel being stained from various foods or beverages in which you indulge. Teas, coffee, or red wine are strong in pigmentation attaching to the enamel altering the shade.

Additionally, teeth grow dirty over time with plaque building up leaving a yellow film. With proper oral hygiene including flossing, brushing, and dental checkups, the accumulation can be removed. Without this care the plaque can result in permanent staining.

  • Brown: When the coloring is brownish, it means the yellow stain is deeper and getting worse, which can be due to medication, injury, genetics, or, again, age. Unfortunately, in most cases the culprit for this type of discoloration or spotting is often chewing tobacco or smoking. The suggestion is to schedule a dental appointment because there is the potential for decay.

Most people today are self-conscious when their teeth become stained with many looking for options to bring their shade back to as original as possible. It’s almost a necessary component of grooming with benefits including an increase in self-confidence. Read ways to get whiter teeth naturally here.

Benefits Of Whiter Teeth

In today’s environment, it seems altering the shade of your teeth is a natural element in the grooming process. A nice smile is an important component of an impression you leave with those around you, whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or involved in a business presentation or putting photos on your social media that someone from years ago might see.

Some people are hesitant, unsure if whitening will actually have an impact. In reality, the process boasts as a “life-enhancing” procedure capable of creating positivity not only as far as the way you look, but in the way that you feel.

  • Appearance Enhancement: Despite having no cavities and great oral health overall and the straightest of smiles, you can still see damages many people contend with as time passes. Not only does age add to the challenges of keeping teeth the ideal color, but indulging in dark liquids and specific foods offering pigmentation that leaves stains over a period of time.

When you take pictures, you can use filters to add whitening without having to do anything for real. But when you see the edited picture, you’ll want to employ the effect in real time due to the fact that it not only enhances your self-esteem and increases overall self-confidence, but gives you a beautiful smile. Find out the importance of a whiter grin at .

  • Popularity: With the added confidence from a whiter smile, there is no hesitance in meeting new people, whether it’s a first date or having to engage in a presentation for work or even holding your head up as you walk along a busy sidewalk. These actually encourage a friendlier demeanor for you and those around you because of the level of self-esteem you enjoy.
  • Wrinkles: Those around you are less likely to notice any wrinkles surrounding a lovely smile such as potential frown lines. The focus is shifted to the glow in your face with friends narrowing in on this feature.
  • Attraction: People are naturally attracted to those who appear to take good care of themselves. When your teeth are at their whitest, it is an indication that you invest in the best overall wellness. This can lead to a better social life, not only in the way of potential partners, but perhaps a larger circle of friends who naturally become drawn to you.

Also, where you might have been a bit introverted in social situations, your confidence may allow for more interactions. It prevents self consciousness when involved in conversations and greater popularity with people wanting to engage with you.

Potential partners are drawn to those who seem to be enjoying themselves. You could be enlarging your dating capacity.

  • Trustworthy: A smiling person emits trust and friendliness to those around them. That is a good trait for those in the business world. Clients want to work with someone whom they feel they can trust to handle their accounts. When a potential customer sees confidence, they feel secure giving their business to that person.

It is also beneficial when interviewing for a potential position with a company. The fact that you feel sure about the work you do and the impact you can have on the organization as a whole will come across in the way you present yourself. A large piece of that is smiling.

Aside from showing you’re prepared to do a good job, it will allow for negotiations on salary because you’ve established your value.

  • Positive Outlook: Feeling good about yourself gives you a better demeanor and lifts your spirits. With your mood elevated you develop a positive outlook regarding your life whether you’re actually happy with how things are going or not. You can actually trick yourself into believing everything is great.

A grin is contagious for the people in your life meaning you’ll make everyone feel good around you. It can be a boost for coworkers dreading a long day or friends who may be having a hard time.

There are many reasons to take your teeth from a dull color to a brilliant shade. If you get nothing more than a greater sense of self-esteem, you’ve accomplished a lot.

Today, people are becoming more self-aware, engaging in nurturing and care directed at overall wellness. Oral health is a large component for well-being. But, if you take care of your mouth in the optimum fashion with a healthy, straight result, but yet discolored, it can be frustrating. People want the appearance to match the effort they put forth. But will it damage healthy teeth?

How Does Whitening Affect The Enamel

The misconception is that the whitening process will damage the tooth enamel ultimately causing a hot and cold food sensitivity. Food and beverages have the potential to stain teeth, but these stains don’t do irreparable damage. When making the shade white again, you are merely reversing the staining effect. It is a cosmetic, surface-level enhancing procedure.

If there are damages to the enamel of the teeth, these are caused by something completely different from this procedure. In these instances, there should be a visit to the dentist for recommendations on correcting.

Prevention Of Yellow Teeth

There are habits you engage in that you may not realize contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. Primary factors include the foods and beverages you indulge in on a relatively consistent basis along with habits like smoking or possibly chewing tobacco, and unfortunately, unavoidably, age progression.

Culprits like red wines, coffee, tea and tobacco will stain teeth as will specific medications and foods. There are also foods with the potential to wear the enamel down. As enamel thins, the teeth look more yellow because the dentin found under the enamel becomes more visible. This layer is a yellowish-brown color.

Inadequate oral hygiene adds to the likelihood for poor coloration. But you can have excellent oral hygiene and still suffer from yellow tooth shading. Aside from standard flossing and brushing, there are steps you can take to attempt to lighten the discoloration. You might not get a pearly set as you would with the dentist, but there would be a difference.

  • Try altering your nutritional habits by eliminating beverages or foods that consist of “tannins” like juices, teas, wine, coffee, or dark sodas. Citrus products contain acid with the potential to wear down tooth enamel as well as discolor.
  • There is something to be said for water. It has a number of health benefits. The suggestion is to drink as much as you’re capable of in a day for good overall body health. But it is also a natural solution for oral health. Indulging in lots of water has the capacity to wash away bacteria and food particles that have the potential for thinning tooth enamel.

Some reasons for yellowing you can control, some are unavoidable like aging. Ultimately, it’s vital to engage in the best oral hygiene, visit the dentist regularly, and inquire concerning professional whitening options that might provide the best benefit for your specific needs.

Dental Remedies For White Teeth

A quick, safe, and affordable process for patients who want white teeth from their professional dentist is “bleaching,” view Snow teeth whitening reviews. It can take up to two days for the “bleach splints” which are custom to be made at which point an agent is used cohesively and the device is worn up to four horse each day for approximately two weeks. Following the process, occasional treatments are necessary to maintain the color.

Alternately, you visit a dental hygienist for deep cleanings every six months in an effort to eliminate tartar accumulation. After the final polishing, there is a brighter appearance. But for a more dramatic effect, bleaching is the better option.

With kits that you can use at home that offer trays, strips, or gels, there can be a positive result. But these often consist of harsh chemically-laden ingredients with the potential for gum and teeth harm.

Ideally, the best approach is to visit your regular dentist to learn what options are available to you and what the possible outcomes would be for each as far as your tooth health, especially the enamel layer. Being informed from a knowledgeable, reputable resource ensures an educated decision and allows you to maintain the optimum in oral wellness. Follow for advice on what you should know before going through with whitening.

Final Thought

Participating in self-care is an important part of overall wellness in today’s society. Everyone is involved in nurturing their bodies, minds, and spirits, including proper oral hygiene, a primary component for general well-being.

If your teeth become discolored over time, it defeats the effort you put into self-care because the appearance implies neglect. This is why most people are indulging in whitening procedures. Many want the cosmetics to match inner health. It adds a level of psychological enhancement in the way of improved self-esteem and increased self-confidence.

There is the implication the process borders on superficial. Rather, it’s contributing to the development of self-love. Not only will there be a deeper sense of self, a greater sociability with those around you, but a brighter outlook on life in general.

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