Why We Always Stay at Marriott Hotels When Traveling

For all of us, travelling always comes with great excitement whether it is a business tour or a family outing. Traveling provides a great opportunity to experience foreign cultures while relaxing and enjoying the time. But for achieving the best travelling experience we have to properly take care of things like food, shopping and sightseeing. Staying in a good hotel can put all the things together. In that case, we must mention the name of Marriott International hotels which is almost every traveler’s first choice.

In the year of 1927, it had been first established by J. Willard Marriott, in the city of Washington D.C. In the course of time, it has become the largest chain of hotels in the world with 1.2 million hotel rooms in 6,500 locations in 127 countries. Now, have a glance at the reasons why people prefer staying at Marriott hotels when traveling:

1.  Rewards for Being Loyal:

For the last ten years, whenever a person had planned a trip with his/ her friends or colleagues they had always preferred staying at a Marriott hotel. In return of which, people can earn loyalty rewards and gifts. Travelers can also save money with exclusive Marriott promo codes at sites like Coupon Dad to use while making their next hotel bookings at

2.  Available All Over the World:

Wherever we go, we always can find out a Marriott property. One can always find a Residence Inn, a preferred hotel for many, as they are everywhere and always situated very close to many great tourists’ spots. It also has 30 different international brands, ranging from casual hotels to premium and luxury hotels, and resorts for people like us to choose the most convenient one.

3.  Best Family Travel Experience:

Arranging for a perfect family trip is a bit hectic for some reasons; one of them being the choice of a suitable hotel. At Marriott hotels, you will have the best family travel experience. They have almost 800 kid-friendly hotels and resorts around the world, which are also very comfortable for the eldest family members.

In fact, for the 62 years or older members of the family, you can enjoy a senior discount coupon, only at Marriott hotels. That is why; people always prefer staying at Marriott’s whenever they plan a large family trip.

4.  Immersive Amenities:

Marriott provides you with plenty of amenities. Whenever travelers stay at Marriott’s, they can use pools, hot tubs, and exercise gyms  usually in the hotel.

There are cribs in case anybody needs one, and a play yard for the kids to enjoy, and even BBQ and picnic areas. These facilities offered by Marriott’s hotels provide us with a feel of an old-fashioned family cookout.

5.  Amazing Staff and Associates:

What travelers mostly like about Marriott’s, is a wonderful group of people working there. They can help their customers with great restaurant advice based on their criteria and also help the travelers in every way possible. The staff or employees of the Marriott hotels are always humble, friendly and helpful.

6.  Excellence in Every Aspect:

Your experience at Marriott hotels will never fall short of anything but excellent. They strive to make sure all guests have a wonderful stay every time. The company is dedicated to providing their customers with great service and best quality food at a fair and reasonable price.

Travelers have always cherished staying at any Marriott hotel. Their mornings have been always being started with a full spread of hot and cold beverages, and plenty of choices for people with allergies and those on diets.


Hope the above-said tips will make you realize the fact that Marriott hotels are one of the best of its kind. So, next time you are traveling, do check out them out.

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