Why to Buy From a Local Mattress Store Instead of National Chain

The biggest reason to buy from a local mattress store instead of a national chain store is that you are keeping the revenue local.   By purchasing from a locally owned store, it will help keep  the revenue local, which will help the local economy.  The mom and pop store owner typically lives in the area, which means they will be spending their profits in the local area.  This in turn benefits other local business owners, as well as the local governments through sales tax collection.

Big national chain mattress stores may include companies such as Mattress Firm, Denver Mattress, Verlo Mattress, Ashley Furniture, and American Mattress just to name a few.  When a consumer purchases a bed from one of these locations, the majority of the revenue (and profits) leaves the local community.   The only revenue that stays local is the employee wages and the small bit of local sale taxes. While previously mentioned chains primarily sell beds and related furniture, there are still other “big box” retailers to avoid when seeking your new mattress set.   Major retailers like Menards, Lowes, Walmart and Sam’s Club also have been carrying mattress sets for some time.  While some of the big box stores may seem cheaper in price than your typical nationwide mattress store, the buyer must be aware.  What these big box retailers don’t tell you is that many times they are carrying “factory seconds”.   These usually means that mattresses did not meet the high enough quality standards that the manufacturers set to be distributed to true mattress stores.  Most times, you will get what you pay for.

That leaves us to our best option for purchase a new mattress!   Usually a locally owned mattress store will be able to offer you the best quality of mattress at the best price.  Every community is different as to what type of local mattress store they may have.  One thing that you usually find in a local mattress store is a somewhat limited selection.  This is usually a good thing. If a store has more that 15-20 different mattresses to choose from it can very confusing for the consumer.  Many times this results in the customer just walking away without making a purchase.  Selecting your next bed doesn’t have to be difficult.   There are two basic questions that the local business owner will always ask…  What type of mattress feels best to you and what size are you looking for.  The easiest way to figure out what you like is to lay on the available mattresses and find the one that feels best for you.  Local owners are don’t usually have millions of dollars in advertising budgets like some of the big stores do, but once you visit the store you will usually see how genuinely grateful they are for your business!

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