Why Tiny Horses Make Great Emotional Support Animals

Things can get really rough at times, and no matter what kind of life you’re leading, it is bound to get bumpy at one point or the other. People have different sources of stress, whether that is the job, family, friends, or even your own thoughts and fears. This is why it is important that a person has a source of support so they could carry on. While some people rely on friends and loved ones for comfort, there’s no greater companion on this journey than an emotional support animal. Their loyalty and love goes beyond limitations, and they would always be there for you. Most people prefer dogs as emotional support animals, but you should know that tiny horses can make for great ones, too. Here’s why. 


Believe it or not, horses in general are very loyal companions, and they remain true to their owners over the years, no matter what happens, which is a very important quality in an emotional support animal. Horses are very protective of herd members in the wild, which is the main reason why they look after and are loyal to their owners. They would defend them at all costs and stay by their side as long as they need, and that is all you could ask for in an ESA.

They live longer 

Everybody loves dogs and cats, and they do make for great ESA. But tiny horses are also a great option and they might even be better for a lot of people simply because they live longer. The average dog lives for about 10-13 years, and the average cat lives for 15 years or so. Tiny horses on the other hand can live up to 30 or 40 years! Some even live to be over 50! This is definitely great for people who need ESA because they form very strong bonds with their animals, and the pain of losing them can be devastating. 

You can take them anywhere

Most people with emotional support animals want to take them along everywhere, whether that is to their rental homes or on planes, or anywhere else. You could actually take them wherever you want as you can see on https://therapetic.org, but you will need to get an emotional support animal letter from a licensed therapist first. The ESA letter is simply a diagnosis by a mental health expert showing what mental condition you are suffering from, and why you need to have your ESA with you so they could mitigate the symptoms of that problem. Once you get this letter, it becomes very easy to take your tiny horse with you anywhere you want, even on a plane. 

Easy to train

Contrary to popular belief, tiny horses are pretty easy to train. They do need to be trained well, so you could be assured they wouldn’t cause a problem around kids or seniors, but that doesn’t take much time and effort on your side, and after their training is done, they make for excellent emotional support animals. 


Horses in general are very peaceful animals, and they have a very calm demeanor, which is important for a person struggling with mental health issues. There is a reason why horses have been used in battle and by the police for so long; it’s because they can be easily trained to be very calm. This mannerism will help a person with psychological problems remain calm as their ESA wouldn’t panic if there is a situation, and they would maintain their calm and composure. Tiny horses are also very focused, so they wouldn’t get distracted too easily and forget about their owner who might need them.

For people with allergies 

A lot of people want to own emotional support animals, but they are allergic to cats and dogs who shed all the time. This is another reason why tiny horses make for excellent ESA, since they only shed around two times a year, and they don’t even get fleas. This makes the owner’s life a lot simpler and makes tiny horses the perfect emotional support animal for a person with allergies. 

Great companions 

Simply put, tiny horses are excellent companions. They are very safety conscious and they look after their owners at all times. They are also very mild mannered creatures, and they can add so much to your life. 

A tiny horse makes for an excellent emotional support animal, and they have so much to offer. They are caring and loving, and they can help you get through the dark times in your life if you would just trust them to do it. 

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