Why Sneakers Are Good for Your Health

Whether you are someone who loves their comfy, casual sneakers, or someone who tends to wear heels most of the time, there are lots of reasons why it is healthy to wear sneakers. Most experts in the fields of foot care, posture and muscle agree that it is best to mix up the types of shoe you wear, unless you have any ankle, knee or foot problems that mean you have to wear flat shoes all the time.

Wearing heels occasionally can work your leg muscles in different ways as you walk to wearing flatter shoes, and so heels do have a place in a healthy lifestyle. However, it is best to reserve heels for special occasions, such as in the evening, and wear flat shoes the rest of the time, as these give you the most natural gait and standing posture. But not all flat shoes are created equally, and things like ballet pumps that offer only thin soles and very little by way of support, or flip-flop type sandals, which alter the way you hold your foot as you move, are not good choices for regular wear. Sneakers, on the other hand, are generally the best choice for everyday use, as we will look into in more detail here:

Sneakers Offer Comfort and Support

Shoes that were originally designed for sport are ideal for wearing when walking, standing or just generally going about your daily life, because all of those sports features will ensure you feel comfortable and that you are supported in the right places. Well-made sneakers should make you feel stable when you move and should also absorb shock when you walk, jog or run, protecting your joints. The mostly flat design will help you maintain a normal posture, which can help you to avoid back pain, and you can also choose sneakers that do have a heel elevation so that you can vary things and get the muscle strengthening advantages of wearing a heel from time to time, without sacrificing ankle stability and comfortable cushioning.

Sneakers Can Allow You to Vary Heel Heights on Their Own

If you look at the latest ranges of designer sneakers, which can include those designed for streetwear, and those designed for athletic use, then you will see that there are different choices from classic sneakers that can be worn for sport, and those with trendy heels or platforms. You’ll also see that there are different options in terms of length, such as hi-tops and boot style sneakers. Switching between different styles can give you the same benefits as switching between flats and heels, while ensuring you are comfortable all the time.

Take a look at SSENSE who have all of the latest collections from top name fashion houses when it comes to sneakers. Particularly interesting in terms of variety in design are the Balenciaga sneakers they have to offer, which include both flat, sports-ready designs and stylish, interesting heeled and platformed sneaker styles. It goes without saying that by choosing designer sneakers like these, you will be adding glamor and style to your looks while also getting all the health advantages of wearing sneakers more often!

Better Foot Health

As well as being better for posture, sneakers are undeniably the best shoes for general foot health for the average person (that is, for people who do not have special orthopedic needs that require certain kinds of footwear). This once again comes down to their original purpose as sports shoes. Sneakers need to allow feet to breathe so that they can be worn for high intensity activities like running and aerobics, but the benefits of this in keeping feet fresh, dry and healthy will carry over even if you only wear sneakers to walk around in. As long as you pair your sneakers with good quality sports socks, you will find that they keep your feet comfortable and help you to avoid conditions like athlete’s foot.

Sneakers also avoid putting unnecessary pressure on certain parts of the feet as heels and other more formal shoes can do, meaning you won’t have to worry about pressure related pain, blisters and calluses.

Be More Active

When you are already wearing shoes designed for being active, you simply can’t help but feel more energetic and ready to move around. While it might feel like a pain to park further away from work and walk a little more, or to take the stairs instead of the elevator if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes, all of those little changes that are recommended to help you get more activity into your day feel a lot more doable if you feel comfortable when you walk!

These are a few reasons why sneakers are healthy, practical choices that you should be wearing whenever you can!

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