Why Slot Cars are on Many Kids Christmas Lists This Year

There are some toys that never lose their appeal, and others that come in and out of fashion. This year, you can be sure that slot cars are going to be on many kid’s Christmas lists, and there are many of reasons why. Slot cars have been around for a long time – the leading brands in the field, Carrera and Scalextric are both long established, so what’s the appeal?

Cars hold a fascination for young kids – and it’s not just the boys who play with them, girls love them too – and racing cars especially. If you can recreate your favorite racetrack in your home, in miniature, and race around at high speed, you’ll understand the thrill that comes from slot car racing. What you should know is that slot cars have come a long way in the past couple of decades, and there are some superb models and innovative features too.

Accurate Modelling

With Carrera, the leading brand in the USA that has been around since the early 1960’s, you get authentic and accurate reproductions of a wide variety of racing cars. In fact, the sheer number of different models and race series that Carrera covers is bewildering. It’s not just kids who will enjoy this, but any auto-racing loving dad will get a thrill out of it, too, and these excellent models are highly collectable.

At you will find the full range of models, each painstakingly reproduced in the exact color scheme for the driver in question, and each representing an important car in a genuine race series. What can you choose from? Carrera Slots has new stock coming in all the time, and you can browse their site for the latest cars, plus discontinued models and bargain deals.

You can choose the DTM series Audi RS5, in the colors as driven by Timo Scheider, or a historically important car such as the Zakspeed Ford Capri from the 1970’s. There are Formula 1 cars, too, as Carrera has exclusive licenses with Ferrari and Red Bull to build models of their cars, as well as offering the latest Mercedes-Benz in the colors and numbers of Valtteri Bottas and World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

There is so much to choose from that you could even build a grid of BMW M1 ‘Procar’ models, representing the famous series that supported Grands Prix in 1979. These come in a wide range of superb colors, which are authentic to the cars that raced at the time.

Digital Slot Racing

Carrera has led the way in developing the modern form of digital slot racing, in which more than two cars can race on a two-lane track. This innovative way of racing slot cars is the best yet, and you can buy full sets that are ready to go, or custom-build your own track complete with all the accessories and control units needed to go racing.

If you are not looking for the digital set-up, all Carrera cars can be used on analogue tracks, too, so you get full versatility out of your cars. There are road cars in the model range too, and also characters from the ‘Cars’ series of films, and you might find some great cut-price bargains if you look in the bargain lot section on the website.

Whatever you decide you want to race, it’s important you start looking now as slot cars are definitely back in fashion, and with so many beautiful Carrera models to choose from – and different scales too – you might find it hard to decide on the cars you want to buy! Don’t delay, check out Carrera Slots now for the best deals on the top slot car brand.

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