Why Putting Sponge in the Fridge Makes the Fruits and Veggies Live Longer?

Putting a sponge in the fridge alongside my fruits and veggies is probably the last thing that could come to my mind.

I love these tricks and tips because you can always learn something new and transfer that knowledge to the others.

You already know that eating fruits and veggies is the most important thing for keeping your health on high level all the time.

Wasting food and throwing out the last pieces of veggies in the garbage hurts.

That was a good grocery shopping and you are now throwing it away.

I never had the need to put a sponge in my fridge because it’s rare when we leave the fruits to survive more than a day or two.

We are like machines for everything organic around the house.

So, for those who can’t eat fruits and veggies that much and end up throwing it away, I might have a solution for you.

A young man from England came up with an idea to use sponges inside your fridge and make your fruits and veggies live longer.

So, all you need to do is remove the foods and place three sponges in there. Bring back the foods and enjoy their freshness.

How does it work?

It’s really simple.

The sponges do a great job absorbing the extra moisture in your fridge.

How much moisture they absorb, that much life is left in the foods.

Interesting huh?

Don’t forget to change or squeeze the moisture out of the sponges from time to time.

You can find this and similar tips and tricks on the video.

That’s why you need to use sponges and make the fresh groceries live longer.

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